Dec 30, 2009

A Belated Christmas Wish

Merry Christmas to all even though it is a wee bit late, sorry about that but as you all know the hectic season was apon us all and my computer had a virus attack it and i only got it back the day before christmas so by then i was too late to get my bloggy christmas wishes out. But before i forget HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! just so i don't forget. I hope you all had a wonderful time and that santa gave you all that you deserved, ours was quiet but very good, although i have yet to still have christmas drink to toast to it all as i have been on antibiotics since xmas eve and i may have a small tipple tomorrow night just to celebrate the dawning of a new year, even though i haven't quite finished with this one yet, time has gone to fast with not enough accomplished and more time needed. Santa was very kind to the Feral family this year and he brought me a very exciting present     see below

I can't wait to do some of the projects in these books Tone Finnanger of Tilda is an awesome inspiration and the projects are to die for. Anyhoo this was just a quickie to let you know that i am still alive and around but just a tad more unorganised than usual, so hopefully next year will be more productive and fruitfull for me. And to wish you all the best for 2010 i would like to recite an old irish blessing to you.



Dec 7, 2009

Please Sir can i have some More !!!!

TIME! I need more hours in the days and more sleep and more patience. Can someone send me some please, as mine is in short supply. This week has been as hectic as last week and the hustle and bustle doesn't look like ending anytime soon. I have completed more xmas stockings and finished a quilt (pic above) finally 6 months after starting it and cleaning for xmas parties and school meetings and work stuff is still ongoing but soon i will have 2 whole days off to do nothing and i can't wait.

These little babies were for our main street party that happened on friday night and i sold one thing, not good . So my making for markets has now come to a halt and my blogging will probably come to a halt soon too. Seams to me i try things and they don't work out so i may as well quit while i'm a head. But anyways thats all i have to dribble about for now so ciao.

Dec 1, 2009

It's life Jim, But not as we know it!

To say life has been hectic is an understatement, frantic and frenetic describes my life in the past 3 weeks. What with school things to be finalised, work and christmas fast approaching us, i haven't even had time to scratch my bum. BUT i have managed to get some sewing done. yes i know you don't believe me but look it's true.

See i told ya. But wait there's more.

Lots more. I have been busy making christmas stockings for our main street party on friday night, i think i have a few things to sell well at least i think i have.I even finished a quilt, some covered notebooks and more pencil rolls, whew i need a break. I still have a lot more to do but between now and friday not sure if things will work out, fingers crossed. And in between all this yesterday my eldest feral, that would be #1 turned 9 and tomorrow feral #2 will turn 7, my lordy wordy i am feeling old now. Well the old boy, sorry the king has just come home so i will say ciao for now and i'll try not to leave it to long till next time i blog. Happy Crafting.

Nov 9, 2009

Guess What this is ?

This cute little thing happens to be my youngest daughters brand new belly button. Last week we had to travel to the nearest city 5 hours away to have her umbilical hernia fixed up and this is the end result. Now she is very happy she has an inny like the rest of us. I just want it to get better quick so i can blow raspberries on it. On another note today was turning out to be a very productive and good day, but you know when things seem to be going along to easy and then it all falls apart. Well that is what has happened to me. I got out of bed and did the usual morning things ,shower (remebered to shave my legs after forgetting for 5 days in a row) It was a pretty scary sight.) get brekky ready for the kids, school lunches, dishes done, laundry folded and more in the machine, and then i started to do some sewing. Well peoples that is when the proverbial hit the fan, 12 pencil roll holders ready for the finishing touches, and only after sewing them altogether did i realize that i sewed them wrong and now i have to unpick all of them to start again.At least i am nearly half way through all the unpicking and have started to sew some of them the right way. So since it has been a long time between posts i was hoping to have some pics of finished projects, but as usual life has gotten in the way again and not much has been accomplished, but i am getting there, with a small lap quilt nearly binded (is that the right term?). And not to mention the pencil roll holders, and when we were away i bought some more fabric so i should be able to hopefully finish a lot more and in hopefully a short amount of time especially with christmas coming up. Anyhoos this is not getting the unpicking done so i must love and leave you until next time ciao xx.

Oct 18, 2009

BOO !!!

Here in Australia we don't celebrate Halloween as many others do in the northern hemisphere, but as we have a few kids in our area that do come trick or treating i have decided to have a little tribute to this day. I whipped this little wall hanging up with some fantastic spiderweb fabric and a wee bit of vleisofix, it's not much but a fun thing to do in front of the tv at night, and as i haven't done much sewing in the past couple of weeks this is about all i have been able to manage, (me thinks me Mojo gone). The ferals like it although FF#3 did ak why it couldn't be a fairy. I must say though lately as i have surf the world of blogland i have come across some amazing women who are fabulously creative, generous of their time and their creations in the way of tutorials and instructions and to all you woman i salute you and wish more good ideas so that the less fortunate ( in the idea and creativity department) of us can continue to love and learn to make handmade things to enrich our hands and our loved ones hearts. On that note all that is left to say is ciao.

Oct 11, 2009

Not Hppy Jan!!!!!

I am not happy at all, my camera has decided to die and for the life of me i cannot get it to work and my mobile has been having a hissy fit too. So when i go away i am buying a new you beaut camera and the phone can wait. No sewing has been done but today i managed to paint our new front and kitchen doors, and i tell you that for a while i was seeing purple ponies and flying mushrooms, by George that paint was strong in the fumes department. But they are finally done (well the first coat anyway), after much nagging to the king that a broken front door might invite undesireables into the house, he and a mate hung them yesterday. The ferals have played so well the last few days that if they were to extend the school holidays i think i wouldn't mind at all, they have fought all day (touch wood) and they are actually being nice to each other (thats a first).
I do however have some news to announce to the world, i am for sale, well not me personally my products are through my friend Beth of TEECATOBEE giftware (if anyone would care to give me a point by point summary of how to link to peoples names and their websites through blogging that would be great as i  have no idea how to do it myself) whom is selling my Liddel Stitches handmade products through her website. So people can buy my stuff over the net now, how COOL & EXCITING is that.
And on another note i think i may have to take up a new hobby renovating and decorating, after reading so many fabulous blogs about DIY i think i may have to take the plunge and takle some problems at home here that have been annoying me for some time. I am sure that if these woman can do it and i think i have half a brain i should be able to takle these projects with some degree of efficiancy and confidence.
Anyhoos must go so until next time Happy Crafting. Ciao.

Oct 6, 2009

Stitching Away

Last week i started a small stitchery as i have a few empty photo frames around the house and thought that it would be nice to put something else in them other than photo's. So this is one of the finished projects i have accomplished. First this was an ugly frame is was almost a pewter colour and it is very thick and bulky so to begin with i spray painted it white and i must say it looks so much better than before.The stitching is just basic back stitch and it looks quite effective if i do say so myself. As of yet i still haven't managed to quilt the lap quilt and it probably won't get done this week either as the ferals are still on school holidays. but i would like to get it quilted and the binding sewn on before we go to Geraldton to take ff#3 for her operation and then i can hand stitch the binding on while we are there. Anyhoos that's all i have to report for now so till next meet, ciao

Oct 2, 2009


This is the quilt i pinned yesterday and must try to get motivated to quilt over the weekend. i am quite pleased with it and the colours are very complimentry to each other.It has been made as another lap quilt as i only had enough wadding to make it this size. I don't have much else to comment on today as my mind has gone walkabout on me but one thing i would like to say is please send a little prayer to all those whom have been affected by the earthquake in Indonesia and the Tsunami in the Samoan region, such an awful tragedy to happen and i think this is the least we can do, Mother Nature can be the most beautiful thing in this world but she can also reek havoc and cause devastation beyond belief.
As a mother, i feel enormous empathy towards others who have been affected by tragic events and in this case, the sorrow is more than anyone should have to bear, with hope the good Lord has taken all the lost souls by the hand and guided them to heaven where they belong. With all this sadness in the world this is the wake up call to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and not take each other for granted, so to all of you reading this i send you a hug and i am very proud to call you friend. xx  Ciao

Oct 1, 2009

baby quilt

I have finally made the baby quilt for my friend whose baby is nearing 21. Only joking , he is now about 4 months old and if i get my way he should be getting this in the mail hopefully before christmas. Although in saying that i do not have enough wadding or any backing fabric to finish it at the moment and i will have to wait until november until i can go shopping to get everything i need. And today i pinned another quilt and have only to quilt, bind and label it and then another christmas pressie is done.(maybe)
The Ferals will be returning home tomorrow after a week away and i will be looking forward to it but i have also enjoyed the peace and quiet of the last week even though i have been at work a lot more and not so much at home sewing as i had hoped to be.But in saying not much has been accomplished i have managed to squeeze in a little pressie making for my friend Beth who is my market partner and very good to me, so if you are going to ead this Beth, you have to wait until saturday to find out what it is. Another thing has been accomplished by me in the last couple of weeks too, i am finally begining to conquer my fear of the unknown internet and i now have a facebook page, very daunting but worthwhile as i now speak to my family more than i have done in the past 12 months or more. As the king and i only have one more night to ourselves before the ferals come home we are off to dinner tonight (how romantic) so i must be off to beautify myself, so until the next time ciao.

Sep 21, 2009


Today i was going to show a pic of the new quilt top i have just finished for a friend of mine, i must say it looks cute and has turned out better than i expected, the only thing is my camera has ceased working and therefore no pictures. But i will see if i can get it going again. The kids start their holidays on Thursday and i will be without the little ferals angels for a week as they are going away with Nan & Pop to Perth. Ah peace and quiet, but i will have to go to work more now instead. This time i hope to get a couple of quilt tops quilted and start on some xmas things as that time of the year is not to far away. Well anyhoos time to go as FF#3 is itching to watch a movie and won't leave me alone until i put it on, so until next we meet in cyberland, happy crafting and ciao.

Sep 13, 2009

And the winner is !!!!

Well seeing as there is only 1 comment posted on my blog for the week the winner has to be Melanie. Congrats and i will email you soon to get your glasses out to you. This week has been very social as i had my birthday on wednesday and then a friends birthday on thursday and the last of our turf club races yesterday with the running f the carnarvon cup. It was a HUGE day, but very enjoyable and now our weekends are going to be a wee bit boring as everything in town is finished for the season. But that could be a good thing. Today i have been busy making more pencil rolls and i am now off to finish them and then i can start afresh tomorrow on some new things i have been eeking out. So ciao for now and sweet dreams.

Sep 6, 2009


Tell your friends, neighbours, pets and fellow bloggers. I am having a GIVEAWAY to help celebrate my 50Th blog post and with the help of Beth from TEECATOBEE GIFT WARE we are giving away 2 beautifully hand painted glasses (Australian residents only) and a special gift pack of goodies for those who live internationally. So to enter - Aussies go to Beth's website at and have a browse at her glasses and then come back and leave me a comment on this blog about which glasses you love and if you could have a glass of wine with anyone living or dead who would it be and why. International visitors just leave a comment to the same question. I will draw the winners next Sunday the 13Th of September. Unfortunately this week i have had a shocking migraine and had lots of volunteer work to do at school for the kids so no new sewing has been done although hopefully today i will be able to get some done as we have a lazy day planned. So Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there for today and enjoy yourselves. Ciao for now.

Aug 30, 2009

It's nearly done !!!

Well i have finally finished the top of the kaleidoscope quilt all i have to do now is buy some fabric so i can finish the borders. so it could be a while till it gets finished as i have to wait until i can get to Geraldton (5 hours away) to buy it. But at least all the hard work is done. It's not a very good photo and you can see the kings foot underneath too, but at least you have proof that it is all done. And it has only taken me 6 months in doing. Now i am up to finishing a baby quilt for my friend and then i am not starting any more quilts until my ufo stack is finished as i have 3 quilts ready to be pinned and quilted. So until next time ciao for now.

Aug 26, 2009


Today was a good day ! today i managed to make 2 dozen muffins 1doz choc caramel and 1 doz bananananana walnut. Both very yummy and easy peasy to make and even easier to eat. All the washing was done and yes dare i say it some patchwork, perhaps i should have told you to sit down first and hopefully by Sunday a certain quilt top will be done. Cross fingers. BUT only if my sewing machine stays in it's current condition. Today i had to do some surgery on my machine as it was making noises and not doing so well, so i took it apart and gave it a bit of a clean out and then i had to fight the huge monstrous dust bunny that formed when all the small insignificant bits of dust statically clung together, but the bunny and i are friends now after we had a cuppa and a chat and he really is just misunderstood. And we have decided that rather than taking the kids to the movies on the weekend we could do a wee bit of bonding and go together instead. But all is good with the world and my sewing machine is now behaving itself. So until we next meet in the cyber world take care and watch out for my friend he might be lurking near your machine too. ciao

Aug 16, 2009

Thankyou !!!

It has been a few days since i last blogged. That sounds an awful like a confession doesn't it ?( takes me back to church days) But i must say a HUGE THANK YOU to Lisa of a spoonful of sugar whom on occasion has helped me in the blogging world on technical issues. Not much has been happening in the feral house as of late, as school and work have been the main grind. Although the King of the ferals is as i am currently typing rearranging and cleaning out the back shed, I would post a photo but he is a shy creature and it might scare him away from finishing the job. And bless their cotton socks, the feral fairies are hindering oops i mean helping him. It has been a wee chilly here the last couple of days and the wind is blowing a gale and it makes me just want to have a hot bath and curl up in front of the telly, but with 3 kids nigh on impossible to do it quietly so i will have to wait awhile until they are in bed. Well that's all to report for now so until the next time ciao.

Aug 6, 2009

Cute Fabric

Today i went and bought some fabric, we have a limited range to buy in Carnarvon as we don't have a fabric store of any kind but our local arts and crafts center stocks a small amount from Finch's Nest quilting and patchwork store in Geraldton, which is a mere 5 hour drive away from here. I have been meaning to make a small cot quilt for a friend of mine since she had her little boy and by the time i get around to it he will probably be 21. So these few remnants are what i have chosen and may be next week after i have finished off my kaleidoscope quilt i can start it. along with all the other things i have to start. I have been busy sewing for markets again and it has taken up most of my free time this week although i am more organised than i thought i would be. We have a bit of unsettling new to share too and that is that FF3# has to have an operation ( maybe, we have to wait for the surgeons appointment first) she has an umbilical hernia according to the doctor, she is 4 and her belly button enters a room 5 minutes before the rest of her and as the last 12 months have gone along her belly is poking out more and more, so now is the time to get it fixed. But the doc said not to stress about it as it is very common, but we are still worried. Well anyhoo i must away and make a slice as we have a visitor coming for afternoon tea today, so until next we meet ciao.

Jul 30, 2009

Samurai Quilt

Here is the picture of my mum's Samurai Quilt that i said i would post, it is all finished and it is now on her bed, my dad has claimed it as his own. I personally think it looks wicked, what do you think?.

Jul 29, 2009

That dang quilt

Well i have finally gotten off my big backside and started to do some more of my kaleidoscope quilt, this is a total of 5 rows sewn and joined together, i hate it, this quilt is really doing my head in and thankfully you can't see it up close because it is a bit of a shambles. At least you can see some of the colour wash blocks in it now. It is very slow going but if i keep doing a bit each day it will hope fully be a quilt top by the end of next week, i will be sending this one away to be quilted as i think that a professional may be able to make it look better than me and the fact i HATE quilting anyway, give me the patchwork and I'm good anything else and i start to run a high fever and have cold sweats. I am still thinking of doing a giveaway but still haven't come up with any ideas and for the simple fact that i know i have a couple of people whom have visited my blog on occasions i have no idea if i am talking to myself,( but that is not unusual for me it's when i answer myself i start to worry.) and therefore don't want to look like a complete dork and do a giveaway if i am the only one reading what i say.
My mum has also been doing patchwork for the same amount of time that i have and tomorrow i will post a picture of a quilt she is finishing, it is absolutely gorgeous and it is red, black and white and the effect is stunning, she will be taking it to "Bitch & Stitch" tonight and i will try to remember to take the camera. I on the other hand will be starting to do a couple of Xmas things for the teachers at school, so this year i WILL be organised. And that dang quilt is to fiddly to pack up every time i need to move it as it is it has been on my dining room floor for the last few days and the kids have been told i will brake their legs if they stand on it. Well i suppose that is enough ramblings from me, so until the morrow Ciao

Jul 26, 2009

I Have A Dream !!

I have discovered Margaritas, and i love them. Easy to make , easy to drink and they make you feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside so they can't be all bad. I have been thinking lately that i would love to own a fabric store, the feel and look of all those beautiful fabrics being held in my hands also makes me feel all warm and fuzzy too. But unless i win the lottery it will still be a pipe dream for many a year to come. Yesterday i had market day again and i had an alright day, but alas poor Ulrich i think my market days may be coming to an end. The time and effort spent making and sewing is not being reflected in my sales and thus Liddel Stitches may not exist for much longer. Although i don't know if any of you have heard of Ollie Rose on Etsy or any where else but the gorgeous Kobie had a stall at the markets on Saturday and her kids stuff are the most beautiful clothes and toys i have ever seen, so look up her web site and take a gander for yourself, because you will covet these items as much as i will i am sure of it. I will be coming up to 50 posts soon and i am not sure how many people have or do read my blog but i am thinking a 50 post giveaway might be on the cards, so if you do read my blog let me know what you think!. I must think of an idea or if you have one let me know. anyhoo i have warbled on for long enough so until next we meet. Ciao.

Jul 23, 2009


It has been a while since i posted last and that is because LIFE has managed to get in the way of everything again, how dare it! It seems that there is no time in the world for me at the moment and everything is more and more time consuming and i find myself more and more exhausted and frenetic. But at least the upside of it is it means that i am still alive and breathing and living. I have been majorly busy with market stuff and school holidays and work and even doing some dare i say it work around the house, and even a little DIY stuff. I am so good with a hammer at the moment if you need hammering call me!. lol. I have not managed to get much if any sewing done for myself but hopefully in the coming week i will be able to splurge and spend some time in my dungeon, oops i mean sewing room. This weekend we have the festival in town and it is always good as we get fireworks and it is a highlight for the kids as we only get them once a year. I am also starting to mourn and grieve, as the Tour de France is in its final week and i love watching it on the tele, it has pretty much consumed my nights since it began, and after the last ashes test,well we won't even go there. I even found a new site recently that i have fallen in love with and thats Centsational Girl, i wish she would come to Carnarvon for a holiday and make over my house, she is very stylish and not to mention clever. Well i suppose that is enough whinging for now i have to got and start on dinner so ciao for now and until we meet again laugh lots.

Jul 14, 2009

Cheesy Mite Scrolls

Yesterday i was going to make bread with the kids and thought I'd be smart and take a short cut. Well it backfired on me and it turned out more like a pizza dough instead, so what to do? I added Vegemite and cheese and we have cheesy mite scrolls instead and the kids loved them. I had one for lunch today and they were not half bad. Today i made homemade sausage rolls with tomato, basil and onion and they are for dinner tonight with mashed spuds and fresh green beans, and for dessert we are having melt and mix chocolate cake out of a Donna hay cookbook and i must say the smell coming from my oven is torturing me it smells divine. Still no sewing but hopefully tomorrow will bring a new lease of life and i may feel like it. The kids should be going out with the in-laws and i will have the house to myself, which will make it easier to sew and get stuck into a few things. Well that's all to report so ciao for now.

Jul 12, 2009

Cutlery Roll

I was given an idea last week, we tend to go camping sometimes (not as much as i would like) and we always lose the cutlery, so when someone suggested to me that my pencil rolls would be a good idea for cutlery i thought i would try it out. And here we are! The pockets are big enough to fit one set in or multiple sets. You still roll it up and it is machine washable, it would even be good for a caravan. Who would have thought that pencils and cutlery would be idea givers hey. Go figure. Well the king is sick today so to give him some peace the ferals and i are off to the Gee Gees and plan to have an afternoon of fun, so for now ciao and be good.

Jul 10, 2009

Lost Mojo !!!

If anyone finds my Mojo can you please return it. I haven't felt like doing much sewing this week and anything i have managed to try and do has turned out absolute CRAP! I need some variety in my life and need a new direction, but in what way and in which form. Decisions,decisions, decisions. It has started to rain here again and i am not sure if the markets will be on tomorrow or not, but i will still go down and see. I have a sick feral fairy at home and it's always typical of school holidays. At least the nights are of my liking, the Ashes series has started and the Tour de France is a must watch but the t.v. remote is getting a hammering from turning over those 2 channels all the time, and i think it is losing the battery power. I even went and bought myself 3 new HARRY POTTER movies today and if tomorrow is a rainy day i know what I'll be doing. So anyhoo I'll say ciao for now and until we meet again, be safe, be happy and love life.

Jul 8, 2009

School Holidays

This photo of the ferals was taken earlier this year when the flood came through our town it was 24 hours of mayhem and this picture was taken the next day at the 9 mile bridge, so called because it used to be 9 miles from town, now it is a little bit further away as this is the new bridge. The old one had to be torn down due to flood damage from many other floods in years gone by. This week not much sewing has been happening as school holidays are here and the kids have had friends over, but at least today i managed to get the floors cleaned and some washing done. Hopefully i will have some sewing news for next week. I have been surfing the net the past couple of days when I've had free time and i found a fab site called The idea room and it's great and also one pretty thing, you can view these blogs by visiting the side bar on the left of page. Well must go and veg holidays are the most stressful time of the year. So until we meet again ciao for now.

Jul 3, 2009

Who's a lucky girl then!!!!

10 million years ago in a galaxy far, far away a wedding took place on the same date as today. Strange how time flies and you find yourself married for 10 years and with three feral fairies and not to mention the two feral furry things that live outside, and that thing everyone strives for a mortgage. Yes 10 years ago today the king and i got married, i still can't get my head around it. The flowers are from the king and they were delivered about 20 Min's ago, and i was not expecting them at all as he is not exactly romantic and the past few years i haven't received flowers so these were a nice welcome surprise. But my god they are gorgeous and made up of red roses, red banksia and white orchids. Plus we are going out for dinner without the feral fairies, my lordy what a night could be had tonight. Tomorrow is another day to celebrate in the feral household as Nana fairy turns (fanfare please) 55 years old. Happy Independence Day to all you Americans too for tomorrow. The kids have started school holidays today and why is it when you get to have a sleep in you don't sleep?????. Murphy's Law has a lot to answer for as far as i am concerned. But we have loaded the pantry with crap foods and bought a couple of new movies and they are happy and content until tomorrow at least when i am sure the I'm bored will start happening and i will wish them back at school. Anyhoo's enjoy your weekend and be safe ciao for now.

Jun 30, 2009

Gone to the dogs

As nothing to note has been going on in the land of Liddel Stitches i thought i would post a picture for you of the feral dog Tigger after he had eaten some spaghetti, although he looked alot worse in real life. He is a Maltese/shihtzu cross and we have had him since he was 12 weeks old, he is now nearly 7. he was bought for my eldest ff and he adopted me as his mummy and we love him to bits.
So until some noteworthy news or sewing happens ciao for now and be happy.

Jun 22, 2009

Hot Stuff

Don't you just love this red and black chilli fabric, i saw it and had to have it without any projects in mind for it and now i wish i had have bought some more of it. These are the serviette/napkin holders that i made yesterday, they are very easy to do and I'm glad that is a job off my list done. These things make great presents and now that we are edging closer and closer to Christmas my thoughts are spreading to gift making as i tend to leave making gifts until it's to late and end up spending a fortune on bought gifts instead. So i will be ready this year. I am hoping to make some more kids handbags today if time permits and then i will be right for stock for my market stall for a while. Then watch out world the quilts will be churned out like no tomorrow. Yeah righto, i got a bit carried away with myself there for a moment. Well that's all for now folks so ciao and we'll catch up real soon.

Jun 21, 2009

Tea for me!

I still haven't been up to much so i thought I'd post a picture of the Teacup pincushions that i make, i sell these at market for $12 each and this year i haven't sold one. I plan on making some serviette/napkin holders this afternoon if i can get my bum in gear and make my way into the sewing room. We have been to mums today and the kids had a sleep over last night and now they are driving the king round the bend outside, so it is very quiet inside. I am also in the process of making a fairy doll and it is going along very slowly, i wish i was a little more artistic and had a much better honed creative flair!. Well i suppose this is not getting anything done so ciao for now and be happy :-).

Jun 18, 2009

Is no news good news?

I am afraid i have no news to tell today. I have been living a very boring existence this week. I have been to blog land looking for inspiration and it has not been forthcoming. I have managed to finish off 14 windmill blocks but that is the extent of my sewing. I have worked and been a somewhat domestic goddess but still have nothing to report, ahhh 1 powerball and I'm outer here. yeah if only. I did visit the pioneer woman site and i think i am in love with that woman Ree Drummond and her life, she makes life just that much sweeter and nicer every time i read her blog. She has a knack of making life on a ranch sound so romantic and i am still waiting for the next instalment of black heels to tractor wheels. I have been visiting the quilting gallery quite a lot too i love to read the blogs that are on there, i know i spend way to much time surfing the blog world and not enough time sewing but that is how i have been lately. so anyway ciao for now and keep safe and well.

Jun 15, 2009

Giant Windmills

Today has been a little slow in getting going as it is very cold and windy here, and so i thought why not make some windmill blocks to make into a quilt of some sort. so here is a sneak peek, although the solid colour in the block is supposed to be more of a purple than a blue. I have come down with a head cold too and at least today my head isn't going to explode but my nose is so blocked that every time i try to breathe in i almost suffocate myself, doncha just love that feeling. The kaleidoscope quilt has been relinquished to the don't want to know about it basket until my head clears and i am up for the challenge. And speaking of Kaleidoscopes my copy of Melly & Me's book arrived in the mail on Friday and it is absolutely GORGEOUS and if you don't have a copy of it yet, you had best get to the shop and get it. What a talented woman Melly is i absolutely LOVE Bubbles and as soon as i finish some UFOs i will get around to making some things from the book. I would also like to say thanks to the Ladies who left a comment on my last post about my DO YOUR HEAD IN quilt, it is nice to know that my blog is being read and now i will have to keep going on that quilt just so you can all see the finished product, i promise i will get it done, just not sure when. Well ciao for now, keep warm if you are down under and have a good day.

Jun 11, 2009

Hell of a job

This is a piccy of my Kaleidoscope quilt i am in the process of making and it is driving me bonkers, all the colours keep making my eyes go blurry and it is taking forever to do. I am now up to sewing the rows of blocks and i have completed 2 so far today and i think it might be rest time now, although i did spent 2 and a half hours last night sorting out the colour wash scheme. This could be a sewing group quilt only, where i only do it at sewing. It has been on the go for at least three months already and another three wont matter. Anyhoo that's all folks so I'll say ciao for now and have a good day.

Jun 10, 2009

pencil rolls

Here is a picture of all the pencil rolls i have been making in the last couple of days 8 in total. some for girls and some for boys, i have really enjoyed making these as they were a no brainer and very easy to do. These would make great pressies for kids and that's why i started to make them as 2 are for pressies and i got a bit carried away and just kept making them. Today i have 2 sick feral fairies at home one with a bad cough as she keeps telling me and the other started vomiting last night, so we are having a really fun time here. It is the season for all the dreaded lurgys to hit and if its going around my kids are going to get it guaranteed.
They are now watching a movie in another room so they don't infect me. But i have managed to make some muffins and vacuum and clean up my sewing room so i am very happy that i have accomplished a few things this morning. After lunch i am planning to start some more sewing don't know what yet, perhaps the kaleidoscope quilt that i am supposed to be making or i may just start something else. Anyhoo have good day and ciao for now.

Jun 7, 2009

mission accomplished

Today has been a much better day. So many things have been accomplished in the feral household. We have finally repotted the redneck palms my parents gave us about 2 weeks ago,the back yard no longer looks like a bomb has hit it, only that the ferals have been playing lets make a mess in the back yard and all the washing has been done and the kitchen is clean.
I have finally taken a piccy of the fairy bag and the skirt i made yesterday and last night i even managed to clean my sewing room a wee bit and cut some three inch strips out for a project i am thinking about. So for now i am having me time and the feral fairies are annoying the king for a while and the palace is in a short lived harmonious state,, ahhh bliss. What more can i say but ciao.

Jun 6, 2009

Feeling Low

Today I have been feeling quite low, I think it must be the weather, it has turned cold and even though i love the cool weather i am feeling it right to my bones at the moment. This week has been extremely busy and not in the crafty sense either, school meetings,work and home duties have had me snowed under , although i have just managed to finish a birthday bag for ff#3s friend for next week. And i have made a small skirt for ff#3 but i think it might be a better fit for ff#2. I have realized i am no dressmaker and should really stick to my patchwork. Market day again today and i only made enough to the cost of my table, which really stinks. One powerball and I'm outer here lol. Well Beth from Teecatobee finally has a web site up and running so go and have a look, her address is and she has some really nice stuff so if your in the market for some beautiful hand painted gift ware Beth's your girl. The king was wonderful today he had done all the washing and vacuumed for me when i got home from the markets and then he went to golf so i hope he has a good day and wins. Well thats all for now so ciao until next time.

May 29, 2009

more mermaid stuff

These photos are from yesterday. FF#1 had an assembly item at school and needed a mermaid tail as she and 2 others were mermaids. so this is 2 of them i made and the good thing is they haven't had them off since i made them. well i am off to the chiro now so ciao for now and enjoy your weekend.

May 27, 2009

Carnarvon Markets part deux

Here are a few more stalls from the other day. On the top left is Mrs Larman who writes and publishes her own books.Top is Nella Barrett who sells beautiful diachondric ( hope i spelled that right ) pendents and other jewellery. And on the left is the stall of Emma Kiffin-Petersen who sells Freshwater Cultured Pearl Jewellery. There are plenty more stall holders that sell their wares too and it would take to long to go through all of them so you will just have to visit and see for yourselves. that's all for now folks Ciao for now.

May 24, 2009

Carnarvon Courtyard Markets

Welcome to the pics of our local Markets here in Carnarvon W.A. This is my stall with ff#1 sitting in the background and Alex of Alex Wilkinson Designs. She has some amazing semi precious stone jewellery and the agate pieces are awesome. My partner in crime the lovely Beth Hudson of Teecatobee Gift ware does the most exquisite hand painted glassware and crockery that you'll ever find in the southern hemisphere, and i of course make handbags,quilts and mermaids, under the name of Liddel Stitches. (what else, pretty original huh) This is Kim Dellar Reflexology she has the most amazing hands that work wonders for your feet and afterwards you feel like you are floating.Kim also makes her own gorgeous soaps and candles in fantastic colours and aromas.Not to mention her lotions that just glide on your skin.
This is Avril from Avadale Designs and she makes the most wonderful photographic cards, mini photo albums and photos of the Carnarvon area.
This is Carnarvon's Mistress of Spices and yes that is her name (Yvonne to all that know her) and Yvonne's claim to fame is the most aromatic and desired spice mixtures and sauces that are in constant demand from the public, and if you are unsure on how to use them in your cooking, she will gladly explain the correct use for you.
And finally this is Jaqui of Gascoyne Tropical Fruit every Saturday my kids must have their mango fruit leather and Mrs Black always has a supply on hand for me. Jaqui has the gorgeous array of fruit leathers, mango jam, and sauces such as mango chilli, sweet chilli, HOT chilli and and even better selection of relishes that she makes. And best of all she uses locally produced and sourced fruits and vegies for her gourmet delights.
So if you are in Carnarvon on a Saturday morning and it's market season come and say hi and see if we can't tempt you or your taste buds to a gastronomic delight or perhaps a pressie for someone or even yourself.
Ciao for now.

May 23, 2009

More Mermaids

I had to make more mermaids for the markets. People have been asking for them, so these are the newbies. But i still didn't sell any. I am getting very depressed with the markets i have not made any money and it's getting to me. Today i took some photos of the local stall holders stalls and i will post them at a later date as it is getting late for me and i cannot concentrate at the moment. I am beginning to become very moody at the moment and i am feeling a bit low so i hope i am not getting the flu or anything. Nothing else is happening here except the cool weather has finally approached us and yesterday we got rain and it has been a while, in fact i think it has been a few months, since the wet stuff from the sky has fallen here and i must say it was wonderful. At least my garden is happy. so until next time Ciao for now.

May 14, 2009


Today and the last few days have only had one word in which to describe them and that would be BLAH !!!!. The king of the ferals is still away and even though the fairies have been quite good the household feels a wee bit strange. Although the king is lucky he is not here today cause i am not happy with him. Before he went on the boys trip he said he would be back on the following Friday and then last night he informed me he won't be back until Saturday now normally that wouldn't worry me but with all the things i have to do on Saturday and extra adult would be a helping hand. So because i have the oomps with the king i have just eaten 4 Tim tams and my diet has been thwarted. Yes i said 4. That's how bad i am feeling about this. And maybe the fact that i have on;y had an average of 4 hours sleep in the past couple of months due to a neighbours dog that does nothing but bark from about 2am every morning. And i has to sit next to the fence that is next our bedroom window too. I have done no sewing although i did cut out a pattern for an apron i have been dying to try out, with some gorgeous cupcake fabric i had bought at spotlight. So maybe i might feel like it later and try to get it done. I happened on a great website to the other night and i must say that the Pioneer Woman site is amazing i read her story of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and i have to say Mills and Boons snap this woman's story up it was so good it had me hooked for a about 2 hours. And Ree Drummond is an amazing woman in her own respect, that site had me drooling, (the keyboard needed cleaning up afterwards as it was a bit wet) but i love it. Well i suppose i had better go and get some stuff done so ciao for now.

May 10, 2009


Happy mums day to all you mums out there, i hope you have had a good day and got some nice pressies. I got a new ipod and stuff to go with it from the feral fairies and while i sit here and type this i am listening to my eclectic music mix and enjoying it. we started the day off with church as ff#2 had to do a reading and it was her class mass too and it was very nice, all the mums got a card and a little bag with a choccy and a flower in it, it was very nice and then we had morning tea out side in the sun. We then went to visit my mum and gave her pressie which i knew she would like because it's what she asked for. And the surprise was the king of the feral fairies rang me from Exmouth on his fishing trip to wish me a happy mothers day too (even though I'm not his mum) but sometimes i feel like it. lol. I had a disappointing day at the markets yesterday and i didn't even break even i made a loss because i didn't sell enough to even make the cost of my table back. So i was a bit depressed when i got home after lunch. Hopefully next week will be better, or else I'm not going to sew for them anymore. But if anyone has an idea that will make me millions just send it my way and i won't have to worry about sewing more stuff. Well i hope you all got spoilt because i am positive you deserve it so enjoy joy day and ciao for now.

May 8, 2009

Liddel stitches are go

This is a pic of the lap quilt i have been trying to get finished for tomorrows markets and i finally got it done last night after burning the midnight oil, I have called it rose and ladders and i am quite pleased with the way it has turned out. It only has basic quilting on it but i couldn't be choosy if i wanted it finished. My Liddel Stitches labels arrived in today's mail and they are wicked if i do say so myself, so thanks again Lisa they are great don't ya think? I do. And I have already started using them, if the Feral Fairies sit still long enough they will end up with a label too, lol. I can't wait for tomorrow as our local craft markets start up again after a few months break and hopefully i will sell some things and make a little money. to buy more stash fabric would be good. Well the king of the ferals has gone and left me for a week with the feral fairies while he has his down time on the boys annual fishing trip, all i want to know is when do i get my down time without the kids?.
Well not much else to say except have fun all you mums on mothers day on Sunday and i hope you all get lots of nice pressies, I plan on having a wee sleep in (maybe). Ciao for now and be good and if not be good at it.

May 4, 2009

First off I would like to thank Lisa from a spoonful of sugar for getting back to me in an email, I ordered the labels straight away Lisa so cheers for the link. And if you haven't seen the new softie Lisa has made pop over there and see little Google she is soooo cute. I have been very busy the last few days and this week i will be even busier, which will be good for me because the busier i am the more i get done. I managed to finish another 2 totes and sew the binding on the English Rose quilt so i have another quilt to quilt and bind before saturday and i think i may be pushing my luck to get enother one cut, sewn and quilted, but if i don't sleep i should be able to get it all done. We had a busy weekend with speedway, the w.a. super sedan state titles were held here in Carnarvon and the 2 days of racing were fantastic, and i'm sure a good time was had by all. We have a sprintcar spectacular in 2 weeks and that should be good too. So if you are passing through on around the 16th of may come and say hi and watch a great line up of racing. Well enough of my ramblings for now Ciao and have a good day.

Apr 29, 2009

Handbag Heaven

Well here is the pic of the tote i made yesterday and i must say it looks good. Today has been a bit of a down day as i have accomplished diddly squat and tonight i will have to make up for it. I had to go the the bone cruncher (chiro) and have my ribs and neck done and at least i feel a bit better. Thanks Brett i know you love to inflict pain on me and then take my money for it too .lol. Still haven't got the gas sorted out since last night and looks as though dinner will be reheated leftovers, not that the kids will care as it's my mums scicillian spaghetti and old family recipe. And the fact that i still haven't been to the supermarket and bought anything to eat, that will be tomorrows job, when all the ffs are at school and i can shop in peace.
I have found a bloggers paradise too, the other day at work i was browseing the net,( it's ok, it's my parents business and i do some love jobs for them every now and then so i won't get into any trouble.) I have loved the quilting gallery site for ages and then cause i hadn't been there for a while i noticed it had changed a little and they have their very own blog network so you don't have to jump over the net looking for quilt blogs they are all on the one site, and i thought that was way cool. People from all over the world are there and all you have to do is click on the country and browse away.
Very nice people i am impressed as i am not computer savvy it saves me time and most of all effort in looking for new blogs to read as i am now very addicted to reading crafty blogs. Well thats all for now so caio and happy days.

Apr 28, 2009

Production Overload

Today has been a surprisingly good production day for me. I managed to get another market quilt pinned albeit a bit wonky but i will be able to fix it i hope, and i spotted a great tote bag pattern from Mamas Pocketbook and had to try it out and when i finally read the pattern correctly and finished making it (in twice the time it should have) i must say it looks pretty dang cute and i'm very pleased with myself. I will post a pic tomorrow as its getting dark now and the light is not very good, i also went to work and made a jam slice when i got home too, don't know whats wrong with me, i never get this much done in one day. Although i should have known the day couldn't end perfectly, as my stove top will not work at the moment and i have run out of gas and i am halfway through dinner, and the king of the feral fairies will not be home till after 8pm, so we could be having toast for tea. Not that the fairies would care. Well that is all for now so ciao.

Apr 24, 2009

Home Again

Well we have arrived home again after a week away in Perth, 10 hours is a long time to travel and because of the kids we break it into 2 days and its awfully tiring. Our friends Darrell and Christine got married and it was great to catch up with so many people we haven't seen in about 8 years and of course the bride looked gorgeous as they always do. And as Darrell is ff#3s godfather it was rather special. We have shopped and shopped and shopped but the kids came out of it better than the king and i, I did manage to buy some more fabric but i really wasn't interested in that sort of shopping but i was in heaven when we ventured into the new huge ikea store in Innaloo, WOW that place is dreamy and i do believe i could live there if they let me. i have my catalogue and Internet ordering sounds heavenly especially as the king of the feral fairies is going on his annual fishing trip next week and he wont be able to see what i am ordering. I shall finish rambling for now and leave on one last note and that is tomorrow is ANZAC Day and for those of us in Australia & New Zealand it is when we commemorate our fallen and serving military personnel, so all i can say is "Lest we Forget", and god bless all those that have died fighting for our countries so that we can have our freedom and those still fighting for it. ciao.

Apr 8, 2009

Anyone for Chocolate !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was ff#3s birthday and as usual instead of only making a cake i decided to have a cooking binge. The pic on the left is Donna Hays Cheesecake Brownies which are to die for and very decadent and oh so easy peasy to make and even easier to eat, and on the right is my rocky road recipe that i change to suit what i have in the cupboard at the time, the king of the ferals fairies would eat all of this in one sitting if i let him. Obviously Easter is on the not to distant horizon and i like to make choccy gifts for the teachers as we think they are special, so they are all getting rocky road for their pressies done in nicely wrapped cellophane bags. Tomorrow is the start of school holidays for us and i am looking forward to not having to rush in the mornings for school it will be a little bit of heaven. Tonight we are taking the ffs to pizza for the ff#3s birthday treat she was 4, my baby is all growed up and way to independent as far as i am concerned. Nan and pop are coming too which they are excited about as we don't go out for tea very much it is a bit of a novelty, but at the old post office cafe they do a really great pizza, but not as good as mine obviously. I may not get a chance to post again before Easter so Buona Pasque to all and ciao for now.

Apr 6, 2009

Thank God For Monday !

Thank god today is Monday as i am absolutely buggered. (Aussie slang for tired). We spent the whole weekend moving our friends and my parents into their respective new homes. And even though i am home and cleaning like a mad woman because tomorrow is ff#3s Birthday, at least it is my house I'm not in someone Else's. So this afternoon will be a busy baking arvo for cakes to take to school tomorrow. No sewing has been done again, no more pinned quilts and it is only 2 weeks before we go away and then 1 week until the markets i don't know if time will permit me to stop it for a while but i need a couple of extra days in the week to get through at the moment. At least the king of the ffs has mowed the lawn and cleaned out the back a bit so that is one job i don't have to stress about. Wednesday will be a busy day as i will be making my famous rocky road for Easter and all the teachers will be getting some this year instead of and egg, and if i am lucky we might have some left over. well ciao for now as the next load of washing is calling to be hung on the line to dry.

Apr 2, 2009

How Time Flies !!!

Time has certainly flown this week, my last entry was Sunday and now we are at Thursday night.Nothing of due interest has happened, except the kindy kids made me a lovely card for making their Hooties.ff#1 and i went to the Dorothy the Dinosaur Show yesterday and had a ball, even though i wasn't that excited to be going, but it was quite good fun, and ff#1 got herself a dinosaur doll and hasn't let it out of her sight at all. I had my back cracked yesterday arvo too. By our gorgeous town chiropractor( and i mean he is smokin hot) and he and his wife know i am secretly in love him, but he finally stopped my headaches thank god, as they were getting very bad. I still haven't managed to finish any more sewing and i need a good kick in the backside to get myself organised so if anyone is willing to lend me a swift kick i would really appreciate it. lol. well until later ciao peoples.

Mar 29, 2009

Yummy Damper

I thought i would post a pic of what we normally eat here in the feral fairy house on a sunday night. This is a ymmo fruit damper cooked in our wood fired pizza oven. If you have ever thought of buying one DO IT. We not only have damper, we have pizzas, roast meat and veg, bread and anything else we can think of to cook in our oven. Sunday's we normally have pizzas but tonight we are having roast beef. I have also cooked a herb,garlic and parmesan damper and it was better than garlic bread done in the normal oven.
This one we slathered in butter and golden syrup and all the ffs love it so it doesn't last very long.
Still haven't got around to finishing the english rose quilt, but there is always tomorrow. Today we went to my parents new house and moved around the new furniture they bought and the king of the ffs and i were a wee bit tired when we got home, so not much but movie watching has gone on this afternoon. We tend to be very unmotivated on sundays, but i suppose that is the way it should be, with work looming the next day. Well caio for now until the morrow.

Mar 28, 2009

I Love Saturdays

Well today is saturday and my morning off. It was wonderful, I had coffee with Cookie and and then got the shopping done. The king of the ffs has gone to golf and we will get him after as they are having a bbq and we are going to stay, so that will be good not having to cook dinner. The ffs all 3 are watching a movie and not fighting for a change and the fairy house is peaceful. I might even get stuck into a new book i got out from the library. I got an email from nanna Cheryl today she hasn't been well and had to spend a few days in hospital, get better Cheryl. I am getting another child to look after tomorrow, my 16 year old cousin is gong to be staying with us for a week while her father goes into hospital, so i hope she behaves herself and doesn't cause me to much trouble.Nothing interseting has happened lately so nno news per say to speak of, but next week i hope things pick up a wee bit. well caio for now.

Mar 26, 2009

Grumpy Bum

Today i seem to have woken up on the wrong side of the bed. I am very grumpy and the kids are not listening to me, as the king calls me at the moment "the Brick Wall" because thats what i keep hitting my head against and when i talk to the ffs, it's like talking to a brick wall cause they don't listen either. I may just have to take a happy pill tonight and see how i go. I got absolutely no sewing done today but i did manage to get the sewing machine out of the car this arvo after last nights patchwork group session. Which i managed to get quite a bit accomplished so i am happy with myself for that. Tomorrow will be unproductive on the sewing front as i have ff#2s school assembly item in the morning, then i help with reading in her class after assembly and ff#1 will be getting a merit certificate as well. Then i have to go pay the bills and shop(who said mums don't do anything but have cups of coffee and watch the soapies.) Oh i remember it was the king of the feral fairies and now i know why i love saturday mornings with my BFF Cookie. NO KIDS, NO HUSBAND AND NO WORRIES. Just a pity it's not friday night at the pub instead lol. well the ferals have finished dinner and the tantrums have started again so i think i will go and scream by myself in the shower very loudly. ciao

Mar 25, 2009

English Rose

I finally pinned and started to quilt my English Rose lap quilt today. One down 3 to go, tonight is "Bitch & Stitch" so i am hoping to get most of it done and then i can get organised on the binding.
I have been very lazy today as well and started reading a new book by Stephanie Laurens i love historical romance and Clive Cussler adventure novels and Amanda Quick is my absolute fav with Stephanie Laurens a close second. I live my life with a very unromantic king of the feral fairies so my romance has to come from somewhere. Very sad but it's life.We are going to Perth in the second week of the school hols too, which i am counting down to. I can visit patchwork stores, home ware stores and get some new clothes and i can't wait. We live in a town 5 hours drive from the nearest city and 10 hours from Perth so it is not very often i get to spend money on things and that could be a good thing, and we are going to a wedding for ff#3s godfather Uncle Darrell and his gorgeous lady Christine, so we can't wait for that either only a couple of weeks to go yaahhh. so enough rambling for now ciao.

Mar 24, 2009

The Things Kids Say

This is a pic of FF#3 with her sweet face on, normally it is screwed up and giving me a mouthful of cheek. On Sunday we went to visit my parents and she got bitten by a mossie. Well she doesn't react well to mossie bites and hence her knee became a bit of a mess, so yesterday we put more antibiotics cream on the bite and she preceded to tell me that her leg was swallowed, she meant swollen but i laughed because the tone of her voice when she said it was hilarious. She then told everyone who would listen to her that her leg had been swallowed and we had to retell the tale of the swallowed leg. (sounds like a great Nancy Drew mystery to me). I must apologise to Lisa and Sarah of A spoonful of sugar to as the other day i put in their web address and i misspelled it, so sorry girls,if you want to visit their beautiful site just click on their name on my blog list. Thanks for the comment too, I was very excited to know that someone other than myself has read my ramblings, I hope i didn't bore you to much. Today i made some gorgeous passion fruit butter biscuits and they were delish. I would show you some pics but some very greedy goblins ate them all and only left the crumbs behind, so i will have to make some more and hide them. The extra Hooties that are living at our house will be leaving on Thursday to go to their new home at kindy and i can't wait as they have been very demanding,i even had to make a nest for them and they have been quiet since lunchtime and i hope they stay that way. So until the morrow i will say ciao for now.

Mar 23, 2009

the owls have landed

Well today i have spent the day making three more hooties with ff#3. She has asked for me to make some to take to kindy, so i made 3 more and she helped to stuff them. Which according to her is a really hard job making owls fat, but it was good to spend some time with her where she wasn't just asking for food or annoying me for the sake of being annoying. Tonight i have a night off from cooking which is great, the feral fairie family go to my mums house every monday night to have genuine authentic italian spaghetti (scicilian style) from my great grandfathers family recipe, so if you ask for it i will have to kill you straight afterwards as its a secret. But it is the best spaghetti you will ever taste and the heartburn afterwards can attest to the richness of the sauce. Yesterday i did a bit of blog reading and came across a gorgeous gift idea from and as easter is arriving fast this would be perfect for kids of all ages. So i might have to try and get my bum into gear and make a couple for some of my friends kids. Well ciao for now.

Mar 22, 2009

teecatobee giftware

We are all moving slowly here in the feral household as last night i had to work at the local speedway and the king of the ffs and i didn't get home until about 2am this morning. We have decided to volunteer our services this year and we get a good discount on our membership for doing it so i think its a good payoff.
The photo i have included today is some hand painted glasses a very talented friend of mine does, we share a table at the local craft markets and unfortuneately this photo doesn't do them justice but they are beautiful and she sells them at quite a good price too, as far as i am concerned anyway, and they make the best pressies. ff#3 hasn't been well since yesterday and i think she is just very tired and school has finally caught up with her so i think we could all have nana naps today.I am hoping to try and get a least one quilt pinned today but my enthusiasum is waning and i would like the quilting fairy to come and finish them off for me, but i don't think that will happen. well ciao for now and hopefully i will have more to say about stuff soon, i have actually worked out that as busy as i am i am a very boring person.

Mar 19, 2009

Let them eat cake

The ffs turn into hungry goblins after school so i made them Aunty Nancy's quick and easy chocolate cake to munch on, the one on the top is iced with choc icing and coconut and the one at the bottom is the lovely gooey velvety cake batter. I must say it is pretty good and the best part was i didn't have to share licking the bowl or the beaters. Yesterday i managed to get a bit more sewing done on my kaleidoscope quilt that we are doing at "Bitch & Stitch" (my quilting group) so not much more to go and then i can join the blocks together. Yahoo. I couldn't make it to last nights class as i had a school board meeting to go to so i am sure they talked about me while i was gone.The house is quiet again as ff#3 is at kindy again, i miss her until she comes home and then i wish she was back there. lol. well must get back to sewing and cleaning while the Peace and quiet is undisturbed. ciao for now.

Mar 17, 2009

The Hooties have Landed

Well the king of the feral fairies managed to work out how to get the photos downloaded without the usb, clever boy. And here they are !!!!. There is one missing, he went on a playdate the day we took photos and apparently had a good day at school with ff#1 .Today was very quiet at home as ff#3 went to kindy and i was a little lost, but managed to get a bit done which was fantastic, I did washing, sewing, baking and even watched a dvd for a change without the name MUM mentioned once it was bliss even if it was a bit freakily quiet. Dinner was made when the kids did their homework after school and now all i have to do is cook the pasta and dinner is done man. ff#3 is cranky and won't get in the shower so early night tonight for her me thinks. I must say this blogging thing is getting a bit easier to do to, must be getting cleverer me thinks, at least the kids won't have to teach me how to do this on the computer now. well i suppose i must go and finish dinner and eat because the ffs are getting more and more feral as the minutes tick by, so ciao for now.