May 14, 2009


Today and the last few days have only had one word in which to describe them and that would be BLAH !!!!. The king of the ferals is still away and even though the fairies have been quite good the household feels a wee bit strange. Although the king is lucky he is not here today cause i am not happy with him. Before he went on the boys trip he said he would be back on the following Friday and then last night he informed me he won't be back until Saturday now normally that wouldn't worry me but with all the things i have to do on Saturday and extra adult would be a helping hand. So because i have the oomps with the king i have just eaten 4 Tim tams and my diet has been thwarted. Yes i said 4. That's how bad i am feeling about this. And maybe the fact that i have on;y had an average of 4 hours sleep in the past couple of months due to a neighbours dog that does nothing but bark from about 2am every morning. And i has to sit next to the fence that is next our bedroom window too. I have done no sewing although i did cut out a pattern for an apron i have been dying to try out, with some gorgeous cupcake fabric i had bought at spotlight. So maybe i might feel like it later and try to get it done. I happened on a great website to the other night and i must say that the Pioneer Woman site is amazing i read her story of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and i have to say Mills and Boons snap this woman's story up it was so good it had me hooked for a about 2 hours. And Ree Drummond is an amazing woman in her own respect, that site had me drooling, (the keyboard needed cleaning up afterwards as it was a bit wet) but i love it. Well i suppose i had better go and get some stuff done so ciao for now.

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