Apr 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter everyone!
I wish you all a great Easter and i hope the Bunny visits you with lots of goodies.

Last night was a special night at our church, a friend of mine Jo was received into the church after receiving her First Eucharist and Confirmation. I was especially proud of her because she asked me to be her sponsor and it was a privilege and an honour to help her through her spiritual journey, I feel very blessed to have a friend like her.
It is not easy as an adult to change faith and i am probably very blase' about it because i have been born into my faith, even though since i have had my children my faith has strengthened, but Jo had an even harder journey to go through, so please say a prayer for her and hip hooray her, as she has done so well.

Well it is only another 2 sleeps and we start our holiday, today the van has had an airing and i started packing in the food as we will try not to buy so much while we are on the road, except fruits and veggies and fresh bread. I have tried to get most of the housework done too as a friend of mine is house sitting for us while we are away, our 2 little fuzz buckets don't like to be alone and i think they would fret without anyone at home, so we are well on our way to being ready. I have to work tomorrow so i will need to be on the ball in the morning and get all the other jobs out the way so we can leave early on Tuesday.

I will be taking the camera with us so i will endeavouring to do a travel journal while we are away, just so i can bore you even more, don't you just cringe when people say "do you want to see our holiday snaps" lol.

Anywho until then, Ciao.

Apr 1, 2012

Off the Beaten Track

Well hello,
Here in the Feral Castle we have been gallivanting around the country side. The eldest Feral #1 and I have been on a retreat with her year 6 class to Geraldton for Confirmation ( a part of the catholic faith and one of the sacraments), team building exercises and a mass with the Bishop of our Diocese. We love our Bishop Justin, he is one of the most gorgeous men i have ever met, and just loves the kids to bits and always makes everyone feel welcome in his presence. But after 5 days with 32 kids i am feeling a little war weary, but it was a wonderful experience to get to know the eldests friends and class mates a bit better too.
AAAAANNNNDDDD we are about to embark on our next journey with the Ferals by going on our annual holiday in our little caravan, Last year we went on the Golden Outback trail through Mt Magnet to Kalgoorlie and through the Wheatbelt and back to Carnarvon. The Ferals had a blast as did the King and I too. We learnt so much about our states history and bonded as a family in a way that has made our little family unit much more appreciative of each other. Even though we love our little van i now have my eye on another one, a Paramount Duet.

This baby is my dream van.  LLLLOOOOVVVVEEEE  it.
This year we are going to go down south to the Wine country and coastal areas of southern W.A., and we are all very excited and therefore are counting down the days.
No crafting has been done, but maybe this week a little bit of sewing will be done, and if i get my backside into gear i will post a photo of the laundry bag i made to take away with us last week, it was a great little bag and i may have to make some more for gifts for all my girlfriends.
So until next time, Live as though today is your last, forgive, forget, cherish and above all love. Ciao.