Nov 9, 2009

Guess What this is ?

This cute little thing happens to be my youngest daughters brand new belly button. Last week we had to travel to the nearest city 5 hours away to have her umbilical hernia fixed up and this is the end result. Now she is very happy she has an inny like the rest of us. I just want it to get better quick so i can blow raspberries on it. On another note today was turning out to be a very productive and good day, but you know when things seem to be going along to easy and then it all falls apart. Well that is what has happened to me. I got out of bed and did the usual morning things ,shower (remebered to shave my legs after forgetting for 5 days in a row) It was a pretty scary sight.) get brekky ready for the kids, school lunches, dishes done, laundry folded and more in the machine, and then i started to do some sewing. Well peoples that is when the proverbial hit the fan, 12 pencil roll holders ready for the finishing touches, and only after sewing them altogether did i realize that i sewed them wrong and now i have to unpick all of them to start again.At least i am nearly half way through all the unpicking and have started to sew some of them the right way. So since it has been a long time between posts i was hoping to have some pics of finished projects, but as usual life has gotten in the way again and not much has been accomplished, but i am getting there, with a small lap quilt nearly binded (is that the right term?). And not to mention the pencil roll holders, and when we were away i bought some more fabric so i should be able to hopefully finish a lot more and in hopefully a short amount of time especially with christmas coming up. Anyhoos this is not getting the unpicking done so i must love and leave you until next time ciao xx.