May 30, 2011

Lazy Days

We have been away, on a road trip and this is a few of the things we saw;

 St Barbara's mine site in Gwalia a few kms away from Leonora, right next door to the Hoover Museum.

 Ferals # 2 & 3 with the replica of the Golden Eagle nugget at the W.A. Museum in Kalgoorlie.

 A gold nugget in the W.A. Museum Kalgoorlie. Wished it was mine.

 One of the many beautiful sunsets along the way.

 A gorgeous show off at Rainbow Jungle Bird Park in Kalbarri.

some Scaly Breasted Rosella's having Breakfast.

So needless to say no sewing has been done.
This was the first holiday the Feral family has had in 3 years (where we have gone further than a 3 hour drive away)  and we absolutely loved every minute of it. The ferals were well behaved, the King behaved too.Now we are planning next years trip and we hope to do the same but go further south to Esperance. We started in Mt Magnet and traveled the gold trail east, until we reached Kalgoorlie and then through the wheatbelt and home again, visiting all the little museums and out of the way places and learnt a lot about the hardships of our forebears and all about the goldrush days of the Victorian era in Western Australia.
These are the sorts of trips everyone should do in my opinion and I believe my kids learnt more about their state and it's history than they have in the classroom.
Well until next time Ciao.