Aug 17, 2010


Another month has been and gone just in the time it takes to snap your fingers. Why is there not enough hours in the day to do everything? This past month has been filled with work, play, and lots of other stuff. Much of it reading. I love to read! next to sleeping and eating it is my next favourite pastime. I love to read anything, adventure, historical romance, sci-fi, but no thriller/horror stuff there is enough of that in my day to day life as it is. Not much sewing, except a quilt for Feral #3 that has been 3 years in the get go stage. No cooking either, if i haven't done much why is life to busy to keep up.
Feral fairy #1 had chicken pox last week and even though she was itchy, she thought it was wonderful to have a week off school, i on the other hand still got to go to work, not fair really. We have had some rain today and it was absolutely wonderful. how can everything be so dry still after a good drenching? we should get some more tonight hopefully, fingers crossed as we are having one of the worst droughts our region has ever seen, and it doesn't look good for the remainder of the year. We need a cyclone in the summer  months to help but that is no something you really want to wish for, the rain they dump is astronomical and that is what we need a really huge rain system.Well that's all that's been going on in the Feral Palace this month, so until next time keep safe and ciao.