Mar 11, 2012

A new quilt

Here at the Feral Fairy castle we have been busy once more and not much else has been accomplished in the crafty dept. I may have not sewn anything but i have been cutting madly. I have cut all the pieces out for a new quilt by Elizabeth Hartman from Oh Fransson. It is from her book The Practical guide to Patchwork. I am hoping to make the small plates quilt from heaps of my scrap fabric that i have been accumulating.
This is a wonderful book that i love reading over and over and i am determined to make more than just one quilt from this book. I still have not finished the PIP pile, but i am sure that cutting scraps was in that pile and i am going to use them up if it kills me.
I do believe that with all the scraps i could more than likely make another 3 quilts so that will keep me busy for a while longer. Until then Ciao.