May 25, 2010

Done and Dusted

Well i have finally been productive and finished a project. I made this table runner to go on my dining table and i must say i am pleasantly chuffed at the way this turned out. It fits my table just the way i wanted it to and who says binding on the bias is tricky. Not me ( well not any more anyway ) My candle holder fits perfectly and even the King is liking it, must mean i am improving. I have not been idle though, today i have started pinning my girlfriends babies quilt and hopefully tomorrow i will start quilting it. That is number 1 in the UFO pile, then i have only 2 more quilts to go and then i can start my youngest Ferals quilt. The one that i made for her that is in the UFO pile 4 years ago is not to my liking anymore and as she is no longer a baby, I thought i might make her another one that is more suited to her age. The weather has turned here and the chill has set in. So on Sunday i made a lovely pot of pea and ham soup and the Ferals and I have indulged. FF #3 just loooves soup and would eat it everyday if i would let her. Tonight however we are having taco's only because the King will not be home until late from work and the easy peasyness of them is just to irresistable for me as i will probably still be pinnning the quilt tonight. So until next time happy crafting. Ciao.

May 19, 2010

Woot Woot I Won

First off i have to say Thankyou to Lisa and Sarah of A spoonfull of sugar for pulling my name out of the hat and sending me some goodies from their giveaway. I was sooooo excited to win that i think i danced around the lounge room for about half an hour before i settled down. The Feral household is not a very lucky household normally so this surprise was great to get. And this is what i won.

some cute muffin/cupcake boxes and patty pans. Now i just need my cakes to turn out nice so i can use them. The new table runner is almost finished and the biding just has to be hand sewn on and then it is finished. Then i am going to tackle some UFO's as they are piling up and some of them would be put to better use being used than sitting in a pile in my sewing room.
Yesterday was a good day here too as we finally had some rain, not enough to fill rain water tanks or even buckets but it did give everything a washdown. It was bliss and hopefully the rain they are predicting for the weekend comes as our garden needs it.  Anyhoo ciao for now and happy crafting.

May 12, 2010

The Ferals

Well i hope every yummy mummy out there had a great Mother's Day, I did and i did get spoilt, lots of smellys are always appreciated here in the feral castle, only cause the feral's like to use them too. We had the feral grandparents over for lunch, yummy wood fired pizzas in our oven and a lazy day in the sun. The feral's school also had a wee do on the friday before and we had to submit a photo of ourselves for the whole school to see. This is the one we chose,
Then the school put on a small morning tea for all us mums. It was really nice and our school is great in including parents and families in doing small gestures like this. Not much more sewing has been going on as i am still trying to finish the table runner that i have on the go, unfortuneately i have no idea how to do it so i will have to wait until tonight when i go to Bitch'N'stitch to see if the tutor can help me. So hopefully by friday i will have something to show. So until then Ciao.

May 2, 2010

Wood, Glorious, Wood.

I have discovered the joys of wood and woking with it. I even have my own tool box (it's a converted beauty case) which suits me down to the ground. Two days ago i finished making some candle holders with tea light candles in them and i must say i am pretty chuffed at the outcome. So without much further ado here they are.

I must say they were very easy to do and my husband the King was a very patient man (not normally) while he was teaching me to use his power tools, and it was pretty liberating to conquer my fear of those tools that i intitially thought of as being in the mans domain. These are just made of pine with a Jarrah stain on them and i still have the stain on my hands to prove to anyone who doubts that i did them. But in the grand scheme of things i can see that this new hobby could be a good one as i have a new motivation to get creative. Believe it or not i have even managed to make a table runner top to compliment the candle holder and that is sitting on my table just waiting to be sandwiched, pinned and quilted so hopefully in the next few days that will be finished too. who knew that a chance blog reading would get me started on a new tangent and hopefully one that my make my home more cosy, comfy and completely me. Anyhoo ciao for now but check back soon for the pics of the table runner.