Oct 18, 2009

BOO !!!

Here in Australia we don't celebrate Halloween as many others do in the northern hemisphere, but as we have a few kids in our area that do come trick or treating i have decided to have a little tribute to this day. I whipped this little wall hanging up with some fantastic spiderweb fabric and a wee bit of vleisofix, it's not much but a fun thing to do in front of the tv at night, and as i haven't done much sewing in the past couple of weeks this is about all i have been able to manage, (me thinks me Mojo gone). The ferals like it although FF#3 did ak why it couldn't be a fairy. I must say though lately as i have surf the world of blogland i have come across some amazing women who are fabulously creative, generous of their time and their creations in the way of tutorials and instructions and to all you woman i salute you and wish more good ideas so that the less fortunate ( in the idea and creativity department) of us can continue to love and learn to make handmade things to enrich our hands and our loved ones hearts. On that note all that is left to say is ciao.

Oct 11, 2009

Not Hppy Jan!!!!!

I am not happy at all, my camera has decided to die and for the life of me i cannot get it to work and my mobile has been having a hissy fit too. So when i go away i am buying a new you beaut camera and the phone can wait. No sewing has been done but today i managed to paint our new front and kitchen doors, and i tell you that for a while i was seeing purple ponies and flying mushrooms, by George that paint was strong in the fumes department. But they are finally done (well the first coat anyway), after much nagging to the king that a broken front door might invite undesireables into the house, he and a mate hung them yesterday. The ferals have played so well the last few days that if they were to extend the school holidays i think i wouldn't mind at all, they have fought all day (touch wood) and they are actually being nice to each other (thats a first).
I do however have some news to announce to the world, i am for sale, well not me personally my products are through my friend Beth of TEECATOBEE giftware (if anyone would care to give me a point by point summary of how to link to peoples names and their websites through blogging that would be great as i  have no idea how to do it myself) whom is selling my Liddel Stitches handmade products through her website. So people can buy my stuff over the net now, how COOL & EXCITING is that.
And on another note i think i may have to take up a new hobby renovating and decorating, after reading so many fabulous blogs about DIY i think i may have to take the plunge and takle some problems at home here that have been annoying me for some time. I am sure that if these woman can do it and i think i have half a brain i should be able to takle these projects with some degree of efficiancy and confidence.
Anyhoos must go so until next time Happy Crafting. Ciao.

Oct 6, 2009

Stitching Away

Last week i started a small stitchery as i have a few empty photo frames around the house and thought that it would be nice to put something else in them other than photo's. So this is one of the finished projects i have accomplished. First this was an ugly frame is was almost a pewter colour and it is very thick and bulky so to begin with i spray painted it white and i must say it looks so much better than before.The stitching is just basic back stitch and it looks quite effective if i do say so myself. As of yet i still haven't managed to quilt the lap quilt and it probably won't get done this week either as the ferals are still on school holidays. but i would like to get it quilted and the binding sewn on before we go to Geraldton to take ff#3 for her operation and then i can hand stitch the binding on while we are there. Anyhoos that's all i have to report for now so till next meet, ciao

Oct 2, 2009


This is the quilt i pinned yesterday and must try to get motivated to quilt over the weekend. i am quite pleased with it and the colours are very complimentry to each other.It has been made as another lap quilt as i only had enough wadding to make it this size. I don't have much else to comment on today as my mind has gone walkabout on me but one thing i would like to say is please send a little prayer to all those whom have been affected by the earthquake in Indonesia and the Tsunami in the Samoan region, such an awful tragedy to happen and i think this is the least we can do, Mother Nature can be the most beautiful thing in this world but she can also reek havoc and cause devastation beyond belief.
As a mother, i feel enormous empathy towards others who have been affected by tragic events and in this case, the sorrow is more than anyone should have to bear, with hope the good Lord has taken all the lost souls by the hand and guided them to heaven where they belong. With all this sadness in the world this is the wake up call to tell our loved ones how much they mean to us and not take each other for granted, so to all of you reading this i send you a hug and i am very proud to call you friend. xx  Ciao

Oct 1, 2009

baby quilt

I have finally made the baby quilt for my friend whose baby is nearing 21. Only joking , he is now about 4 months old and if i get my way he should be getting this in the mail hopefully before christmas. Although in saying that i do not have enough wadding or any backing fabric to finish it at the moment and i will have to wait until november until i can go shopping to get everything i need. And today i pinned another quilt and have only to quilt, bind and label it and then another christmas pressie is done.(maybe)
The Ferals will be returning home tomorrow after a week away and i will be looking forward to it but i have also enjoyed the peace and quiet of the last week even though i have been at work a lot more and not so much at home sewing as i had hoped to be.But in saying not much has been accomplished i have managed to squeeze in a little pressie making for my friend Beth who is my market partner and very good to me, so if you are going to ead this Beth, you have to wait until saturday to find out what it is. Another thing has been accomplished by me in the last couple of weeks too, i am finally begining to conquer my fear of the unknown internet and i now have a facebook page, very daunting but worthwhile as i now speak to my family more than i have done in the past 12 months or more. As the king and i only have one more night to ourselves before the ferals come home we are off to dinner tonight (how romantic) so i must be off to beautify myself, so until the next time ciao.