Jul 30, 2009

Samurai Quilt

Here is the picture of my mum's Samurai Quilt that i said i would post, it is all finished and it is now on her bed, my dad has claimed it as his own. I personally think it looks wicked, what do you think?.

Jul 29, 2009

That dang quilt

Well i have finally gotten off my big backside and started to do some more of my kaleidoscope quilt, this is a total of 5 rows sewn and joined together, i hate it, this quilt is really doing my head in and thankfully you can't see it up close because it is a bit of a shambles. At least you can see some of the colour wash blocks in it now. It is very slow going but if i keep doing a bit each day it will hope fully be a quilt top by the end of next week, i will be sending this one away to be quilted as i think that a professional may be able to make it look better than me and the fact i HATE quilting anyway, give me the patchwork and I'm good anything else and i start to run a high fever and have cold sweats. I am still thinking of doing a giveaway but still haven't come up with any ideas and for the simple fact that i know i have a couple of people whom have visited my blog on occasions i have no idea if i am talking to myself,( but that is not unusual for me it's when i answer myself i start to worry.) and therefore don't want to look like a complete dork and do a giveaway if i am the only one reading what i say.
My mum has also been doing patchwork for the same amount of time that i have and tomorrow i will post a picture of a quilt she is finishing, it is absolutely gorgeous and it is red, black and white and the effect is stunning, she will be taking it to "Bitch & Stitch" tonight and i will try to remember to take the camera. I on the other hand will be starting to do a couple of Xmas things for the teachers at school, so this year i WILL be organised. And that dang quilt is to fiddly to pack up every time i need to move it as it is it has been on my dining room floor for the last few days and the kids have been told i will brake their legs if they stand on it. Well i suppose that is enough ramblings from me, so until the morrow Ciao

Jul 26, 2009

I Have A Dream !!

I have discovered Margaritas, and i love them. Easy to make , easy to drink and they make you feel all fuzzy and warm on the inside so they can't be all bad. I have been thinking lately that i would love to own a fabric store, the feel and look of all those beautiful fabrics being held in my hands also makes me feel all warm and fuzzy too. But unless i win the lottery it will still be a pipe dream for many a year to come. Yesterday i had market day again and i had an alright day, but alas poor Ulrich i think my market days may be coming to an end. The time and effort spent making and sewing is not being reflected in my sales and thus Liddel Stitches may not exist for much longer. Although i don't know if any of you have heard of Ollie Rose on Etsy or any where else but the gorgeous Kobie had a stall at the markets on Saturday and her kids stuff are the most beautiful clothes and toys i have ever seen, so look up her web site and take a gander for yourself, because you will covet these items as much as i will i am sure of it. I will be coming up to 50 posts soon and i am not sure how many people have or do read my blog but i am thinking a 50 post giveaway might be on the cards, so if you do read my blog let me know what you think!. I must think of an idea or if you have one let me know. anyhoo i have warbled on for long enough so until next we meet. Ciao.

Jul 23, 2009


It has been a while since i posted last and that is because LIFE has managed to get in the way of everything again, how dare it! It seems that there is no time in the world for me at the moment and everything is more and more time consuming and i find myself more and more exhausted and frenetic. But at least the upside of it is it means that i am still alive and breathing and living. I have been majorly busy with market stuff and school holidays and work and even doing some dare i say it work around the house, and even a little DIY stuff. I am so good with a hammer at the moment if you need hammering call me!. lol. I have not managed to get much if any sewing done for myself but hopefully in the coming week i will be able to splurge and spend some time in my dungeon, oops i mean sewing room. This weekend we have the festival in town and it is always good as we get fireworks and it is a highlight for the kids as we only get them once a year. I am also starting to mourn and grieve, as the Tour de France is in its final week and i love watching it on the tele, it has pretty much consumed my nights since it began, and after the last ashes test,well we won't even go there. I even found a new site recently that i have fallen in love with and thats Centsational Girl, i wish she would come to Carnarvon for a holiday and make over my house, she is very stylish and not to mention clever. Well i suppose that is enough whinging for now i have to got and start on dinner so ciao for now and until we meet again laugh lots.

Jul 14, 2009

Cheesy Mite Scrolls

Yesterday i was going to make bread with the kids and thought I'd be smart and take a short cut. Well it backfired on me and it turned out more like a pizza dough instead, so what to do? I added Vegemite and cheese and we have cheesy mite scrolls instead and the kids loved them. I had one for lunch today and they were not half bad. Today i made homemade sausage rolls with tomato, basil and onion and they are for dinner tonight with mashed spuds and fresh green beans, and for dessert we are having melt and mix chocolate cake out of a Donna hay cookbook and i must say the smell coming from my oven is torturing me it smells divine. Still no sewing but hopefully tomorrow will bring a new lease of life and i may feel like it. The kids should be going out with the in-laws and i will have the house to myself, which will make it easier to sew and get stuck into a few things. Well that's all to report so ciao for now.

Jul 12, 2009

Cutlery Roll

I was given an idea last week, we tend to go camping sometimes (not as much as i would like) and we always lose the cutlery, so when someone suggested to me that my pencil rolls would be a good idea for cutlery i thought i would try it out. And here we are! The pockets are big enough to fit one set in or multiple sets. You still roll it up and it is machine washable, it would even be good for a caravan. Who would have thought that pencils and cutlery would be idea givers hey. Go figure. Well the king is sick today so to give him some peace the ferals and i are off to the Gee Gees and plan to have an afternoon of fun, so for now ciao and be good.

Jul 10, 2009

Lost Mojo !!!

If anyone finds my Mojo can you please return it. I haven't felt like doing much sewing this week and anything i have managed to try and do has turned out absolute CRAP! I need some variety in my life and need a new direction, but in what way and in which form. Decisions,decisions, decisions. It has started to rain here again and i am not sure if the markets will be on tomorrow or not, but i will still go down and see. I have a sick feral fairy at home and it's always typical of school holidays. At least the nights are of my liking, the Ashes series has started and the Tour de France is a must watch but the t.v. remote is getting a hammering from turning over those 2 channels all the time, and i think it is losing the battery power. I even went and bought myself 3 new HARRY POTTER movies today and if tomorrow is a rainy day i know what I'll be doing. So anyhoo I'll say ciao for now and until we meet again, be safe, be happy and love life.

Jul 8, 2009

School Holidays

This photo of the ferals was taken earlier this year when the flood came through our town it was 24 hours of mayhem and this picture was taken the next day at the 9 mile bridge, so called because it used to be 9 miles from town, now it is a little bit further away as this is the new bridge. The old one had to be torn down due to flood damage from many other floods in years gone by. This week not much sewing has been happening as school holidays are here and the kids have had friends over, but at least today i managed to get the floors cleaned and some washing done. Hopefully i will have some sewing news for next week. I have been surfing the net the past couple of days when I've had free time and i found a fab site called The idea room and it's great and also one pretty thing, you can view these blogs by visiting the side bar on the left of page. Well must go and veg holidays are the most stressful time of the year. So until we meet again ciao for now.

Jul 3, 2009

Who's a lucky girl then!!!!

10 million years ago in a galaxy far, far away a wedding took place on the same date as today. Strange how time flies and you find yourself married for 10 years and with three feral fairies and not to mention the two feral furry things that live outside, and that thing everyone strives for a mortgage. Yes 10 years ago today the king and i got married, i still can't get my head around it. The flowers are from the king and they were delivered about 20 Min's ago, and i was not expecting them at all as he is not exactly romantic and the past few years i haven't received flowers so these were a nice welcome surprise. But my god they are gorgeous and made up of red roses, red banksia and white orchids. Plus we are going out for dinner without the feral fairies, my lordy what a night could be had tonight. Tomorrow is another day to celebrate in the feral household as Nana fairy turns (fanfare please) 55 years old. Happy Independence Day to all you Americans too for tomorrow. The kids have started school holidays today and why is it when you get to have a sleep in you don't sleep?????. Murphy's Law has a lot to answer for as far as i am concerned. But we have loaded the pantry with crap foods and bought a couple of new movies and they are happy and content until tomorrow at least when i am sure the I'm bored will start happening and i will wish them back at school. Anyhoo's enjoy your weekend and be safe ciao for now.