Jul 10, 2009

Lost Mojo !!!

If anyone finds my Mojo can you please return it. I haven't felt like doing much sewing this week and anything i have managed to try and do has turned out absolute CRAP! I need some variety in my life and need a new direction, but in what way and in which form. Decisions,decisions, decisions. It has started to rain here again and i am not sure if the markets will be on tomorrow or not, but i will still go down and see. I have a sick feral fairy at home and it's always typical of school holidays. At least the nights are of my liking, the Ashes series has started and the Tour de France is a must watch but the t.v. remote is getting a hammering from turning over those 2 channels all the time, and i think it is losing the battery power. I even went and bought myself 3 new HARRY POTTER movies today and if tomorrow is a rainy day i know what I'll be doing. So anyhoo I'll say ciao for now and until we meet again, be safe, be happy and love life.

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