Jul 8, 2009

School Holidays

This photo of the ferals was taken earlier this year when the flood came through our town it was 24 hours of mayhem and this picture was taken the next day at the 9 mile bridge, so called because it used to be 9 miles from town, now it is a little bit further away as this is the new bridge. The old one had to be torn down due to flood damage from many other floods in years gone by. This week not much sewing has been happening as school holidays are here and the kids have had friends over, but at least today i managed to get the floors cleaned and some washing done. Hopefully i will have some sewing news for next week. I have been surfing the net the past couple of days when I've had free time and i found a fab site called The idea room and it's great and also one pretty thing, you can view these blogs by visiting the side bar on the left of page. Well must go and veg holidays are the most stressful time of the year. So until we meet again ciao for now.

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