Apr 24, 2010

A Change Of Pace

In the past few days i have been inspired to have a change of pace, i have sewn 2 pillow slips for my lounge, and today i have taken the step of becoming aquainted with power tools. Yes i am raiding my husbands tool shed and robbing him of his masculinity. I am becoming empowered. Today i made some candle holders out of some scrap timber we had literaly lying around the house and i am ecstatic with the result, although i have not finished them yet as i have yet to paint them. But when i do i shall post a picture of them. I made 3 in total and my middle feral fairy helped a wee bit too. I have discovered a fantastic site in the name of Knock off wood and it makes me realize that while woodworking WAS a predominately male sector woman can make exquisite furniture and be proud that they are no longer afraid of those tools in the shed. Take a look see and who knows perhaps you will be inspired too. Anyhow that has also inspired me too to get back to the sewing machine and in a few minutes i shall be retreating into the domain that has not been used for some months and i shall be making a table runner to complement my my new candle holder that will sit on my dining table when it is finished.
On  a more sombre note tomorrow is ANZAC day and i hope that we all remember to think of those whom fought for our country to give us the freedom to live in peace and comfort. My grandfather fought in WWII and i am grateful to him and all the other service men and women for their contributions to our country, and i am especially proud of those whom are still serving now to keep us safe from the harm of terrorism, be they at home or overseas, and even if they are not ANZACS, they are still doing a great job. So tomorrow if you are at the dawn service or taking in any service stand tall and proud and thank those who laid done their lives for us.                                    

                                                           ODE TO THE ANZAC
They shall not grow old,
as we that are left grow old;
Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
At the going down of the sun and in the morning



Apr 20, 2010

Yes i am still here.

It as been a long time since i was last on here in blogland. But i must confess apart from mending i have not sat at my sewing machine since before christmas. Life has been too frenetic and frantic and just down right impossible. We are on our last day of school holidays here and i am hoping to get motivated in the near future. I have not dislocated myself completely from the crafty world of the web as i have still been searching sites and reading my fav blogs in search of inspiration, and i wish so badly that i had half the talent of the women and men out there whom find a crafty niche for themselves and not only excel but also have the ability to make money and teach the rest of us. I am turning green with envy as i sit and write this blog. I am hoping that since i have had my hair cut and lost a small amount of weight that the new me will be bursting with enthusiasm and dramatic flair and with the kids back at school i will be turning out those craft projects like there is no tomorrow. I have so many ideas and thoughts, but no know how on how to start, so i will just have to jump in and get on with it. The only thing is do you think my husband the King of all things Feral will notice that i have been fereting through his shed and played with some of HIS toys? who knows maybe i will be better at using HIS toys more than mine, wouldn't that be something then. Anyhoo i must go but i will be back and hastalavista baby. Until next time Ciao.

Apr 3, 2010

Hoppy Easter!

These little bad boy Bunnies were made for the ferals teachers at school and they had and easter egg put inside them so they became egg cosy's. They were extremely easy to make and very effective if i do say so myself. All i did was cut out a rabbit shape (big enough to cover an egg) out of felt, using embroidery thread in black put a small cross where the mouth should be and painted on the eyes and blanket or running stitched around the outside of the rabbit and voila you have a rabbit. This would be a good craft idea to do with kids as it is very easy and child friendly. I hope everyone has a great easter and watch out for Giant white Rabbits. Ciao.