Oct 24, 2012

The world is round!

Hi All,

It has been a while. The world is still round and turning on it's axis, and that is why i have not been around. I have been working a couple of part time jobs, doing some courses and looking after the ferals which is a job in itself. i have been creating though and hope to have some photos up soon. My dinning room table is in complete chaos and is testament to the truth that i am not lying. I have also had the time to catch up on a few of my fave blogs and therefore not much time for blogging myself. I know very lazy, but hey that's me. so anyway that's all for now, just thought I'd let you know that i am still here, but i am letting the world turn the way it wants and letting it take me with it. so until the next time ciao xx

your friend Nat.