Jun 30, 2009

Gone to the dogs

As nothing to note has been going on in the land of Liddel Stitches i thought i would post a picture for you of the feral dog Tigger after he had eaten some spaghetti, although he looked alot worse in real life. He is a Maltese/shihtzu cross and we have had him since he was 12 weeks old, he is now nearly 7. he was bought for my eldest ff and he adopted me as his mummy and we love him to bits.
So until some noteworthy news or sewing happens ciao for now and be happy.

Jun 22, 2009

Hot Stuff

Don't you just love this red and black chilli fabric, i saw it and had to have it without any projects in mind for it and now i wish i had have bought some more of it. These are the serviette/napkin holders that i made yesterday, they are very easy to do and I'm glad that is a job off my list done. These things make great presents and now that we are edging closer and closer to Christmas my thoughts are spreading to gift making as i tend to leave making gifts until it's to late and end up spending a fortune on bought gifts instead. So i will be ready this year. I am hoping to make some more kids handbags today if time permits and then i will be right for stock for my market stall for a while. Then watch out world the quilts will be churned out like no tomorrow. Yeah righto, i got a bit carried away with myself there for a moment. Well that's all for now folks so ciao and we'll catch up real soon.

Jun 21, 2009

Tea for me!

I still haven't been up to much so i thought I'd post a picture of the Teacup pincushions that i make, i sell these at market for $12 each and this year i haven't sold one. I plan on making some serviette/napkin holders this afternoon if i can get my bum in gear and make my way into the sewing room. We have been to mums today and the kids had a sleep over last night and now they are driving the king round the bend outside, so it is very quiet inside. I am also in the process of making a fairy doll and it is going along very slowly, i wish i was a little more artistic and had a much better honed creative flair!. Well i suppose this is not getting anything done so ciao for now and be happy :-).

Jun 18, 2009

Is no news good news?

I am afraid i have no news to tell today. I have been living a very boring existence this week. I have been to blog land looking for inspiration and it has not been forthcoming. I have managed to finish off 14 windmill blocks but that is the extent of my sewing. I have worked and been a somewhat domestic goddess but still have nothing to report, ahhh 1 powerball and I'm outer here. yeah if only. I did visit the pioneer woman site and i think i am in love with that woman Ree Drummond and her life, she makes life just that much sweeter and nicer every time i read her blog. She has a knack of making life on a ranch sound so romantic and i am still waiting for the next instalment of black heels to tractor wheels. I have been visiting the quilting gallery quite a lot too i love to read the blogs that are on there, i know i spend way to much time surfing the blog world and not enough time sewing but that is how i have been lately. so anyway ciao for now and keep safe and well.

Jun 15, 2009

Giant Windmills

Today has been a little slow in getting going as it is very cold and windy here, and so i thought why not make some windmill blocks to make into a quilt of some sort. so here is a sneak peek, although the solid colour in the block is supposed to be more of a purple than a blue. I have come down with a head cold too and at least today my head isn't going to explode but my nose is so blocked that every time i try to breathe in i almost suffocate myself, doncha just love that feeling. The kaleidoscope quilt has been relinquished to the don't want to know about it basket until my head clears and i am up for the challenge. And speaking of Kaleidoscopes my copy of Melly & Me's book arrived in the mail on Friday and it is absolutely GORGEOUS and if you don't have a copy of it yet, you had best get to the shop and get it. What a talented woman Melly is i absolutely LOVE Bubbles and as soon as i finish some UFOs i will get around to making some things from the book. I would also like to say thanks to the Ladies who left a comment on my last post about my DO YOUR HEAD IN quilt, it is nice to know that my blog is being read and now i will have to keep going on that quilt just so you can all see the finished product, i promise i will get it done, just not sure when. Well ciao for now, keep warm if you are down under and have a good day.

Jun 11, 2009

Hell of a job

This is a piccy of my Kaleidoscope quilt i am in the process of making and it is driving me bonkers, all the colours keep making my eyes go blurry and it is taking forever to do. I am now up to sewing the rows of blocks and i have completed 2 so far today and i think it might be rest time now, although i did spent 2 and a half hours last night sorting out the colour wash scheme. This could be a sewing group quilt only, where i only do it at sewing. It has been on the go for at least three months already and another three wont matter. Anyhoo that's all folks so I'll say ciao for now and have a good day.

Jun 10, 2009

pencil rolls

Here is a picture of all the pencil rolls i have been making in the last couple of days 8 in total. some for girls and some for boys, i have really enjoyed making these as they were a no brainer and very easy to do. These would make great pressies for kids and that's why i started to make them as 2 are for pressies and i got a bit carried away and just kept making them. Today i have 2 sick feral fairies at home one with a bad cough as she keeps telling me and the other started vomiting last night, so we are having a really fun time here. It is the season for all the dreaded lurgys to hit and if its going around my kids are going to get it guaranteed.
They are now watching a movie in another room so they don't infect me. But i have managed to make some muffins and vacuum and clean up my sewing room so i am very happy that i have accomplished a few things this morning. After lunch i am planning to start some more sewing don't know what yet, perhaps the kaleidoscope quilt that i am supposed to be making or i may just start something else. Anyhoo have good day and ciao for now.

Jun 7, 2009

mission accomplished

Today has been a much better day. So many things have been accomplished in the feral household. We have finally repotted the redneck palms my parents gave us about 2 weeks ago,the back yard no longer looks like a bomb has hit it, only that the ferals have been playing lets make a mess in the back yard and all the washing has been done and the kitchen is clean.
I have finally taken a piccy of the fairy bag and the skirt i made yesterday and last night i even managed to clean my sewing room a wee bit and cut some three inch strips out for a project i am thinking about. So for now i am having me time and the feral fairies are annoying the king for a while and the palace is in a short lived harmonious state,, ahhh bliss. What more can i say but ciao.

Jun 6, 2009

Feeling Low

Today I have been feeling quite low, I think it must be the weather, it has turned cold and even though i love the cool weather i am feeling it right to my bones at the moment. This week has been extremely busy and not in the crafty sense either, school meetings,work and home duties have had me snowed under , although i have just managed to finish a birthday bag for ff#3s friend for next week. And i have made a small skirt for ff#3 but i think it might be a better fit for ff#2. I have realized i am no dressmaker and should really stick to my patchwork. Market day again today and i only made enough to the cost of my table, which really stinks. One powerball and I'm outer here lol. Well Beth from Teecatobee finally has a web site up and running so go and have a look, her address is www.teecatobee.com.au and she has some really nice stuff so if your in the market for some beautiful hand painted gift ware Beth's your girl. The king was wonderful today he had done all the washing and vacuumed for me when i got home from the markets and then he went to golf so i hope he has a good day and wins. Well thats all for now so ciao until next time.