Jun 15, 2009

Giant Windmills

Today has been a little slow in getting going as it is very cold and windy here, and so i thought why not make some windmill blocks to make into a quilt of some sort. so here is a sneak peek, although the solid colour in the block is supposed to be more of a purple than a blue. I have come down with a head cold too and at least today my head isn't going to explode but my nose is so blocked that every time i try to breathe in i almost suffocate myself, doncha just love that feeling. The kaleidoscope quilt has been relinquished to the don't want to know about it basket until my head clears and i am up for the challenge. And speaking of Kaleidoscopes my copy of Melly & Me's book arrived in the mail on Friday and it is absolutely GORGEOUS and if you don't have a copy of it yet, you had best get to the shop and get it. What a talented woman Melly is i absolutely LOVE Bubbles and as soon as i finish some UFOs i will get around to making some things from the book. I would also like to say thanks to the Ladies who left a comment on my last post about my DO YOUR HEAD IN quilt, it is nice to know that my blog is being read and now i will have to keep going on that quilt just so you can all see the finished product, i promise i will get it done, just not sure when. Well ciao for now, keep warm if you are down under and have a good day.

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