Jun 11, 2009

Hell of a job

This is a piccy of my Kaleidoscope quilt i am in the process of making and it is driving me bonkers, all the colours keep making my eyes go blurry and it is taking forever to do. I am now up to sewing the rows of blocks and i have completed 2 so far today and i think it might be rest time now, although i did spent 2 and a half hours last night sorting out the colour wash scheme. This could be a sewing group quilt only, where i only do it at sewing. It has been on the go for at least three months already and another three wont matter. Anyhoo that's all folks so I'll say ciao for now and have a good day.


  1. Your quilt looks so effective Natatlie - it will be a real masterpiece! I love your pencil rolls - a funky and practical gift:)

  2. wow a lot of work but it will be very nice !!!

  3. WOW!! Totally amazing!
    x Sarah