Feb 23, 2010


Well Hello All
I have been a wee bit absent in the last couple of weeks due to bad mojo and it's not getting any better. But that is another story you don't want to hear. Today after work i came home to an empty house and watched Julie & Julia and it was FABULOUS DARLING. What a fantastic movie and Meryl Streep was great. Wouldn't it be lovely to try and do something like that but i unfortuneately don't have good mojo for that at anytime so i am in awe of Julie Powell for sticking to it and finishing it.If you don't know what i am talking about then get the movie. Life is very hectic at the moment and i am in need of a desperate health and mental overhaul and a holiday would be welcomed enormously, sunny beaches,cocktails and men that look like greek gods would be good, but on the other hand i am partial to cold weather, hot chocolate and snuggling up to greek gods,this also sounds good. So if you have a spare greek god send him my way please.
We are finally getting some hot weather at the moment and the aircon is cranking again, thank god for aircons or this little black duck would be very a cranky black duck. Roll on winter i say. Anyhoos this is a quick post so ciao for now and blog you soon.

Feb 4, 2010

Something Old, Something New.

The last couple of days i have been working on a project for a friend of mine another mermaid. and today i finished it so i thought i would post a picture of it for you, so what do you think?
She has her pearls, and her bag of goodies full of treasure, so i hope my friend likes her. The ferals have almost finished their first week at school and i do believe they have had a good time as far as school goes. Tonight i am doing up the school agenda so i know where they are during the week as they have different days for sport, library and music and not to mention the school help for me to do, so i have done a laminated sheet of A4 with their names and classes and my stuff too just so i know where i am too, as i need to be super organised or everything goes to pot and i have absolutely no idea.
Their is not much else to report so until the next time, same bat time, same bat channel, ciao. xx

Feb 2, 2010

A Stitch in Time.

Yesterday my feral fairies started back at school and the youngest is now at full time school so i have a small amount of time to myself during the week, so who knows i may get some projects finished this year. This is the ferals in their uniforms.
So after the kids went to school and the King went to work i decided to do some stitching so i went to my books and picked out the Melly & Me Kaleidoscope book, and took out the pattern for the Kokeshi friends stitchery, although i only copied one of the dolls onto some fabric just to keep me amused for the day.

and this is what i have ended up with but it is not quite finished yet. But i believe it will look cute when it is done. I may put some Japanese fabric as a border and then put it into a frame as the Ferals will have some birthday parties to go to so it might make a nice pressie for someone. Or it could end up as a bag. But anyhoos that is what i have done in the past few days. Ciao xx