Feb 2, 2010

A Stitch in Time.

Yesterday my feral fairies started back at school and the youngest is now at full time school so i have a small amount of time to myself during the week, so who knows i may get some projects finished this year. This is the ferals in their uniforms.
So after the kids went to school and the King went to work i decided to do some stitching so i went to my books and picked out the Melly & Me Kaleidoscope book, and took out the pattern for the Kokeshi friends stitchery, although i only copied one of the dolls onto some fabric just to keep me amused for the day.

and this is what i have ended up with but it is not quite finished yet. But i believe it will look cute when it is done. I may put some Japanese fabric as a border and then put it into a frame as the Ferals will have some birthday parties to go to so it might make a nice pressie for someone. Or it could end up as a bag. But anyhoos that is what i have done in the past few days. Ciao xx

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  1. Glad to hear your kids have settled back into the school routine! Your Kokeshi stitchery is gorgeous Natalie! have a great week, Lisa