Mar 1, 2010

Please let me know

Back again just thought i would put this in - if anyone is reading this blog could you comment and let me know how i can make this blog better, and how to increase traffic. That would be extremely helpful and don't be shy but please don't be mean.      THANKYOU !!!!!!


Well Hello Again,
It's me here although i don't really feel that i am here in mind but i am in body. Still nothing to report on the stitching front, but i have been cookin up a storm in the kitchen. Cakes, Cakes, muffins and scones and the occassional meal, only cause apparently the king and the ferals can't live without real food every now and then.
We have been hot here in sunny, humid Carnarvon and the pool has been put to good use as have the aircons. Today we have a public holiday and of course on these days i have to go to work, so i'm not happy Jan.
Yesterday was a slightly productive day in the kitchen, it got a nice clean and is all shiny and crumb free, for a couple of days anyway, i have discussed with the king that if i had a you beaut steaming machine the rest of the house could be this way too and my powers of hypnotic suggestion must have worked as he said i could get one, i am going to go and order it tomorrow, it is going to cost a fair bit of money, but if it is anything like my vaccummmmmmm we will have a very nice relationship and live happily ever after.  AAAHHHH love with appliances i hope thats not illegal. I hope the vaccumm doesn't get jealous, i may have to keep them apart and the affair a secret.
We got a nice surprise on Saturday morning when my cousin and her family called in for an hour on their way to Exmouth for a stay with family, and she has 2 GORGEOUS kidlets you would just want to eat them up. Ishi is so cute and Tali is such a butterball he should never be allowed to grow up.
This morning i decided to look through my Sew Pretty Homestyle books to get a little inspiration and i believe it may be working. I have almost completed the I hate this quilt quilt top (Kaleidoscope), it has one more border to be cut out and sewn on and then i can send it off to the quilters. I have to say i will be very glad when it is finished it has taken me over 12 months to get to this stage.

Anyhoo that's folks ciao for now.xx