Sep 21, 2009


Today i was going to show a pic of the new quilt top i have just finished for a friend of mine, i must say it looks cute and has turned out better than i expected, the only thing is my camera has ceased working and therefore no pictures. But i will see if i can get it going again. The kids start their holidays on Thursday and i will be without the little ferals angels for a week as they are going away with Nan & Pop to Perth. Ah peace and quiet, but i will have to go to work more now instead. This time i hope to get a couple of quilt tops quilted and start on some xmas things as that time of the year is not to far away. Well anyhoos time to go as FF#3 is itching to watch a movie and won't leave me alone until i put it on, so until next we meet in cyberland, happy crafting and ciao.

Sep 13, 2009

And the winner is !!!!

Well seeing as there is only 1 comment posted on my blog for the week the winner has to be Melanie. Congrats and i will email you soon to get your glasses out to you. This week has been very social as i had my birthday on wednesday and then a friends birthday on thursday and the last of our turf club races yesterday with the running f the carnarvon cup. It was a HUGE day, but very enjoyable and now our weekends are going to be a wee bit boring as everything in town is finished for the season. But that could be a good thing. Today i have been busy making more pencil rolls and i am now off to finish them and then i can start afresh tomorrow on some new things i have been eeking out. So ciao for now and sweet dreams.

Sep 6, 2009


Tell your friends, neighbours, pets and fellow bloggers. I am having a GIVEAWAY to help celebrate my 50Th blog post and with the help of Beth from TEECATOBEE GIFT WARE we are giving away 2 beautifully hand painted glasses (Australian residents only) and a special gift pack of goodies for those who live internationally. So to enter - Aussies go to Beth's website at and have a browse at her glasses and then come back and leave me a comment on this blog about which glasses you love and if you could have a glass of wine with anyone living or dead who would it be and why. International visitors just leave a comment to the same question. I will draw the winners next Sunday the 13Th of September. Unfortunately this week i have had a shocking migraine and had lots of volunteer work to do at school for the kids so no new sewing has been done although hopefully today i will be able to get some done as we have a lazy day planned. So Happy Fathers Day to all the Dads out there for today and enjoy yourselves. Ciao for now.