Jan 29, 2011

Hotter than a pepper sprout!

Well Hi ho from here,
At the moment we have been having some serious weather, its stinking hot and humid, stormy and cyclonic, all we need now is another flood and we are set to go with the windfall of all freakish weather catastrophes.
Aside from all that the kids go back to school next week and i am so looking forward to it. The poor kids have not been able to get out of the house because of the heat and have therefore been very feral, hence their nicknames. 7 weeks have not gone as fast as i thought they would but in the same respect they have also flown by.
This past week i have been one very busy person aside from the labeling of school stuff, working and general mum stuff, i have also been sewing.
Pick your mouths of the floor yes you heard me correctly, i have been sewing and cleaning up the sewing room at the same time.This is what i have made this week.
I made them as presents and 4 of them are bags, one is a pouch and the the pink ones in the middle are mugsters for a friend who celebrated her birthday at the beginning of the month and i have only just finished them. The small bags are from a free tutorial over at ps i quilt and it is the friendship bag, i thought that as the ferals are going back to school and i am pretty sure they will be invited to some birthday parties this year that they would make excellent pressies stuffed with little girl goodies.( thought I'd make a head start). These are also great to use up scraps from your scrap basket. In the spirit of reuse,recycle the large bag i have at the back was a couple of pillow cases that i made about 2 years ago and as they didn't turn out the way i would have liked them too they have sat in a draw, so to clean up and instead of throwing them out i unpicked them and quilted them into a large tote bag. In the afternoons the ferals have been swimming in the pool and i have been winding floss onto plastic card a job that should have been done when i bought the floss 3 years ago, so hot weather can make you productive it just takes a nudge to start. I have been wanting to start pinning quilts to finish them off but the ferals are very messy and i am not doing the floors until they go back to school so hopefully next week the quilts will come out.
So until the next time we meet ciao.

Jan 5, 2011

Flooded AGAIN !!!!

We are currently in FLOOD DANGER again for the 2nd time in two weeks. Our town of Carnarvon in Western Australia is in for another river breaking it's banks and the water levels rising . We here in the town are not duly affected but friends that live around the river area are, and they may be cut off from town for a few days. The town itself has been closed down for min 48 hours and then we will have to see. Hopefully this one is not as bad as the previous one and we can only hope that not to much more rain has fallen in our catchment areas. So on that note i will leave you with a photos of the flood from a couple of weeks ago.

Jan 4, 2011

My Patience is wearing THIN.

Well hello and welcome to the new year, unfortunately i have not turned over a new leaf. I am still the same cranky pants, cursing, irritable person i was last year and i probably wont be changing in the near future that i can see. All this is exacerbated by the fact the kids are on school holidays, have swimming lessons and we are about to be hit with another flood, that would be 2 in less than a month, 2 in two weeks more like it.
The weather is also a contributing factor, we may only have 34 degrees Celsius but the humidity is about 87%. Not my cup of tea.
I have also cleaned my sewing room, written a list of UFOs and new projects i would like to start this year, and already i am depressed.
The last couple of days i have been browsing new blogs that have taken my interest and i don't know if i want to sew anymore, these people are very talented i might just buy stuff instead.
Any hoo enough dribble from me, but thought i would put a few pics up of the little bit of water that fell around our house on Sunday and caused a wee backyard flood.

Our backyard with the water spreading quickly,
 Our street.The king is standing in ankle deep water.
 The water at our backdoor with a feral looking out.