May 29, 2009

more mermaid stuff

These photos are from yesterday. FF#1 had an assembly item at school and needed a mermaid tail as she and 2 others were mermaids. so this is 2 of them i made and the good thing is they haven't had them off since i made them. well i am off to the chiro now so ciao for now and enjoy your weekend.

May 27, 2009

Carnarvon Markets part deux

Here are a few more stalls from the other day. On the top left is Mrs Larman who writes and publishes her own books.Top is Nella Barrett who sells beautiful diachondric ( hope i spelled that right ) pendents and other jewellery. And on the left is the stall of Emma Kiffin-Petersen who sells Freshwater Cultured Pearl Jewellery. There are plenty more stall holders that sell their wares too and it would take to long to go through all of them so you will just have to visit and see for yourselves. that's all for now folks Ciao for now.

May 24, 2009

Carnarvon Courtyard Markets

Welcome to the pics of our local Markets here in Carnarvon W.A. This is my stall with ff#1 sitting in the background and Alex of Alex Wilkinson Designs. She has some amazing semi precious stone jewellery and the agate pieces are awesome. My partner in crime the lovely Beth Hudson of Teecatobee Gift ware does the most exquisite hand painted glassware and crockery that you'll ever find in the southern hemisphere, and i of course make handbags,quilts and mermaids, under the name of Liddel Stitches. (what else, pretty original huh) This is Kim Dellar Reflexology she has the most amazing hands that work wonders for your feet and afterwards you feel like you are floating.Kim also makes her own gorgeous soaps and candles in fantastic colours and aromas.Not to mention her lotions that just glide on your skin.
This is Avril from Avadale Designs and she makes the most wonderful photographic cards, mini photo albums and photos of the Carnarvon area.
This is Carnarvon's Mistress of Spices and yes that is her name (Yvonne to all that know her) and Yvonne's claim to fame is the most aromatic and desired spice mixtures and sauces that are in constant demand from the public, and if you are unsure on how to use them in your cooking, she will gladly explain the correct use for you.
And finally this is Jaqui of Gascoyne Tropical Fruit every Saturday my kids must have their mango fruit leather and Mrs Black always has a supply on hand for me. Jaqui has the gorgeous array of fruit leathers, mango jam, and sauces such as mango chilli, sweet chilli, HOT chilli and and even better selection of relishes that she makes. And best of all she uses locally produced and sourced fruits and vegies for her gourmet delights.
So if you are in Carnarvon on a Saturday morning and it's market season come and say hi and see if we can't tempt you or your taste buds to a gastronomic delight or perhaps a pressie for someone or even yourself.
Ciao for now.

May 23, 2009

More Mermaids

I had to make more mermaids for the markets. People have been asking for them, so these are the newbies. But i still didn't sell any. I am getting very depressed with the markets i have not made any money and it's getting to me. Today i took some photos of the local stall holders stalls and i will post them at a later date as it is getting late for me and i cannot concentrate at the moment. I am beginning to become very moody at the moment and i am feeling a bit low so i hope i am not getting the flu or anything. Nothing else is happening here except the cool weather has finally approached us and yesterday we got rain and it has been a while, in fact i think it has been a few months, since the wet stuff from the sky has fallen here and i must say it was wonderful. At least my garden is happy. so until next time Ciao for now.

May 14, 2009


Today and the last few days have only had one word in which to describe them and that would be BLAH !!!!. The king of the ferals is still away and even though the fairies have been quite good the household feels a wee bit strange. Although the king is lucky he is not here today cause i am not happy with him. Before he went on the boys trip he said he would be back on the following Friday and then last night he informed me he won't be back until Saturday now normally that wouldn't worry me but with all the things i have to do on Saturday and extra adult would be a helping hand. So because i have the oomps with the king i have just eaten 4 Tim tams and my diet has been thwarted. Yes i said 4. That's how bad i am feeling about this. And maybe the fact that i have on;y had an average of 4 hours sleep in the past couple of months due to a neighbours dog that does nothing but bark from about 2am every morning. And i has to sit next to the fence that is next our bedroom window too. I have done no sewing although i did cut out a pattern for an apron i have been dying to try out, with some gorgeous cupcake fabric i had bought at spotlight. So maybe i might feel like it later and try to get it done. I happened on a great website to the other night and i must say that the Pioneer Woman site is amazing i read her story of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels and i have to say Mills and Boons snap this woman's story up it was so good it had me hooked for a about 2 hours. And Ree Drummond is an amazing woman in her own respect, that site had me drooling, (the keyboard needed cleaning up afterwards as it was a bit wet) but i love it. Well i suppose i had better go and get some stuff done so ciao for now.

May 10, 2009


Happy mums day to all you mums out there, i hope you have had a good day and got some nice pressies. I got a new ipod and stuff to go with it from the feral fairies and while i sit here and type this i am listening to my eclectic music mix and enjoying it. we started the day off with church as ff#2 had to do a reading and it was her class mass too and it was very nice, all the mums got a card and a little bag with a choccy and a flower in it, it was very nice and then we had morning tea out side in the sun. We then went to visit my mum and gave her pressie which i knew she would like because it's what she asked for. And the surprise was the king of the feral fairies rang me from Exmouth on his fishing trip to wish me a happy mothers day too (even though I'm not his mum) but sometimes i feel like it. lol. I had a disappointing day at the markets yesterday and i didn't even break even i made a loss because i didn't sell enough to even make the cost of my table back. So i was a bit depressed when i got home after lunch. Hopefully next week will be better, or else I'm not going to sew for them anymore. But if anyone has an idea that will make me millions just send it my way and i won't have to worry about sewing more stuff. Well i hope you all got spoilt because i am positive you deserve it so enjoy joy day and ciao for now.

May 8, 2009

Liddel stitches are go

This is a pic of the lap quilt i have been trying to get finished for tomorrows markets and i finally got it done last night after burning the midnight oil, I have called it rose and ladders and i am quite pleased with the way it has turned out. It only has basic quilting on it but i couldn't be choosy if i wanted it finished. My Liddel Stitches labels arrived in today's mail and they are wicked if i do say so myself, so thanks again Lisa they are great don't ya think? I do. And I have already started using them, if the Feral Fairies sit still long enough they will end up with a label too, lol. I can't wait for tomorrow as our local craft markets start up again after a few months break and hopefully i will sell some things and make a little money. to buy more stash fabric would be good. Well the king of the ferals has gone and left me for a week with the feral fairies while he has his down time on the boys annual fishing trip, all i want to know is when do i get my down time without the kids?.
Well not much else to say except have fun all you mums on mothers day on Sunday and i hope you all get lots of nice pressies, I plan on having a wee sleep in (maybe). Ciao for now and be good and if not be good at it.

May 4, 2009

First off I would like to thank Lisa from a spoonful of sugar for getting back to me in an email, I ordered the labels straight away Lisa so cheers for the link. And if you haven't seen the new softie Lisa has made pop over there and see little Google she is soooo cute. I have been very busy the last few days and this week i will be even busier, which will be good for me because the busier i am the more i get done. I managed to finish another 2 totes and sew the binding on the English Rose quilt so i have another quilt to quilt and bind before saturday and i think i may be pushing my luck to get enother one cut, sewn and quilted, but if i don't sleep i should be able to get it all done. We had a busy weekend with speedway, the w.a. super sedan state titles were held here in Carnarvon and the 2 days of racing were fantastic, and i'm sure a good time was had by all. We have a sprintcar spectacular in 2 weeks and that should be good too. So if you are passing through on around the 16th of may come and say hi and watch a great line up of racing. Well enough of my ramblings for now Ciao and have a good day.