May 23, 2009

More Mermaids

I had to make more mermaids for the markets. People have been asking for them, so these are the newbies. But i still didn't sell any. I am getting very depressed with the markets i have not made any money and it's getting to me. Today i took some photos of the local stall holders stalls and i will post them at a later date as it is getting late for me and i cannot concentrate at the moment. I am beginning to become very moody at the moment and i am feeling a bit low so i hope i am not getting the flu or anything. Nothing else is happening here except the cool weather has finally approached us and yesterday we got rain and it has been a while, in fact i think it has been a few months, since the wet stuff from the sky has fallen here and i must say it was wonderful. At least my garden is happy. so until next time Ciao for now.

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