May 24, 2009

Carnarvon Courtyard Markets

Welcome to the pics of our local Markets here in Carnarvon W.A. This is my stall with ff#1 sitting in the background and Alex of Alex Wilkinson Designs. She has some amazing semi precious stone jewellery and the agate pieces are awesome. My partner in crime the lovely Beth Hudson of Teecatobee Gift ware does the most exquisite hand painted glassware and crockery that you'll ever find in the southern hemisphere, and i of course make handbags,quilts and mermaids, under the name of Liddel Stitches. (what else, pretty original huh) This is Kim Dellar Reflexology she has the most amazing hands that work wonders for your feet and afterwards you feel like you are floating.Kim also makes her own gorgeous soaps and candles in fantastic colours and aromas.Not to mention her lotions that just glide on your skin.
This is Avril from Avadale Designs and she makes the most wonderful photographic cards, mini photo albums and photos of the Carnarvon area.
This is Carnarvon's Mistress of Spices and yes that is her name (Yvonne to all that know her) and Yvonne's claim to fame is the most aromatic and desired spice mixtures and sauces that are in constant demand from the public, and if you are unsure on how to use them in your cooking, she will gladly explain the correct use for you.
And finally this is Jaqui of Gascoyne Tropical Fruit every Saturday my kids must have their mango fruit leather and Mrs Black always has a supply on hand for me. Jaqui has the gorgeous array of fruit leathers, mango jam, and sauces such as mango chilli, sweet chilli, HOT chilli and and even better selection of relishes that she makes. And best of all she uses locally produced and sourced fruits and vegies for her gourmet delights.
So if you are in Carnarvon on a Saturday morning and it's market season come and say hi and see if we can't tempt you or your taste buds to a gastronomic delight or perhaps a pressie for someone or even yourself.
Ciao for now.

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  1. Nat, I am so impressed with you blog. Your pretty amazing for a technophobe!
    Thanks for your plugging of my products too!