Apr 29, 2009

Handbag Heaven

Well here is the pic of the tote i made yesterday and i must say it looks good. Today has been a bit of a down day as i have accomplished diddly squat and tonight i will have to make up for it. I had to go the the bone cruncher (chiro) and have my ribs and neck done and at least i feel a bit better. Thanks Brett i know you love to inflict pain on me and then take my money for it too .lol. Still haven't got the gas sorted out since last night and looks as though dinner will be reheated leftovers, not that the kids will care as it's my mums scicillian spaghetti and old family recipe. And the fact that i still haven't been to the supermarket and bought anything to eat, that will be tomorrows job, when all the ffs are at school and i can shop in peace.
I have found a bloggers paradise too, the other day at work i was browseing the net,( it's ok, it's my parents business and i do some love jobs for them every now and then so i won't get into any trouble.) I have loved the quilting gallery site for ages and then cause i hadn't been there for a while i noticed it had changed a little and they have their very own blog network so you don't have to jump over the net looking for quilt blogs they are all on the one site, and i thought that was way cool. People from all over the world are there and all you have to do is click on the country and browse away.
Very nice people i am impressed as i am not computer savvy it saves me time and most of all effort in looking for new blogs to read as i am now very addicted to reading crafty blogs. Well thats all for now so caio and happy days.

Apr 28, 2009

Production Overload

Today has been a surprisingly good production day for me. I managed to get another market quilt pinned albeit a bit wonky but i will be able to fix it i hope, and i spotted a great tote bag pattern from Mamas Pocketbook and had to try it out and when i finally read the pattern correctly and finished making it (in twice the time it should have) i must say it looks pretty dang cute and i'm very pleased with myself. I will post a pic tomorrow as its getting dark now and the light is not very good, i also went to work and made a jam slice when i got home too, don't know whats wrong with me, i never get this much done in one day. Although i should have known the day couldn't end perfectly, as my stove top will not work at the moment and i have run out of gas and i am halfway through dinner, and the king of the feral fairies will not be home till after 8pm, so we could be having toast for tea. Not that the fairies would care. Well that is all for now so ciao.

Apr 24, 2009

Home Again

Well we have arrived home again after a week away in Perth, 10 hours is a long time to travel and because of the kids we break it into 2 days and its awfully tiring. Our friends Darrell and Christine got married and it was great to catch up with so many people we haven't seen in about 8 years and of course the bride looked gorgeous as they always do. And as Darrell is ff#3s godfather it was rather special. We have shopped and shopped and shopped but the kids came out of it better than the king and i, I did manage to buy some more fabric but i really wasn't interested in that sort of shopping but i was in heaven when we ventured into the new huge ikea store in Innaloo, WOW that place is dreamy and i do believe i could live there if they let me. i have my catalogue and Internet ordering sounds heavenly especially as the king of the feral fairies is going on his annual fishing trip next week and he wont be able to see what i am ordering. I shall finish rambling for now and leave on one last note and that is tomorrow is ANZAC Day and for those of us in Australia & New Zealand it is when we commemorate our fallen and serving military personnel, so all i can say is "Lest we Forget", and god bless all those that have died fighting for our countries so that we can have our freedom and those still fighting for it. ciao.

Apr 8, 2009

Anyone for Chocolate !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was ff#3s birthday and as usual instead of only making a cake i decided to have a cooking binge. The pic on the left is Donna Hays Cheesecake Brownies which are to die for and very decadent and oh so easy peasy to make and even easier to eat, and on the right is my rocky road recipe that i change to suit what i have in the cupboard at the time, the king of the ferals fairies would eat all of this in one sitting if i let him. Obviously Easter is on the not to distant horizon and i like to make choccy gifts for the teachers as we think they are special, so they are all getting rocky road for their pressies done in nicely wrapped cellophane bags. Tomorrow is the start of school holidays for us and i am looking forward to not having to rush in the mornings for school it will be a little bit of heaven. Tonight we are taking the ffs to pizza for the ff#3s birthday treat she was 4, my baby is all growed up and way to independent as far as i am concerned. Nan and pop are coming too which they are excited about as we don't go out for tea very much it is a bit of a novelty, but at the old post office cafe they do a really great pizza, but not as good as mine obviously. I may not get a chance to post again before Easter so Buona Pasque to all and ciao for now.

Apr 6, 2009

Thank God For Monday !

Thank god today is Monday as i am absolutely buggered. (Aussie slang for tired). We spent the whole weekend moving our friends and my parents into their respective new homes. And even though i am home and cleaning like a mad woman because tomorrow is ff#3s Birthday, at least it is my house I'm not in someone Else's. So this afternoon will be a busy baking arvo for cakes to take to school tomorrow. No sewing has been done again, no more pinned quilts and it is only 2 weeks before we go away and then 1 week until the markets i don't know if time will permit me to stop it for a while but i need a couple of extra days in the week to get through at the moment. At least the king of the ffs has mowed the lawn and cleaned out the back a bit so that is one job i don't have to stress about. Wednesday will be a busy day as i will be making my famous rocky road for Easter and all the teachers will be getting some this year instead of and egg, and if i am lucky we might have some left over. well ciao for now as the next load of washing is calling to be hung on the line to dry.

Apr 2, 2009

How Time Flies !!!

Time has certainly flown this week, my last entry was Sunday and now we are at Thursday night.Nothing of due interest has happened, except the kindy kids made me a lovely card for making their Hooties.ff#1 and i went to the Dorothy the Dinosaur Show yesterday and had a ball, even though i wasn't that excited to be going, but it was quite good fun, and ff#1 got herself a dinosaur doll and hasn't let it out of her sight at all. I had my back cracked yesterday arvo too. By our gorgeous town chiropractor( and i mean he is smokin hot) and he and his wife know i am secretly in love him, but he finally stopped my headaches thank god, as they were getting very bad. I still haven't managed to finish any more sewing and i need a good kick in the backside to get myself organised so if anyone is willing to lend me a swift kick i would really appreciate it. lol. well until later ciao peoples.