Apr 2, 2009

How Time Flies !!!

Time has certainly flown this week, my last entry was Sunday and now we are at Thursday night.Nothing of due interest has happened, except the kindy kids made me a lovely card for making their Hooties.ff#1 and i went to the Dorothy the Dinosaur Show yesterday and had a ball, even though i wasn't that excited to be going, but it was quite good fun, and ff#1 got herself a dinosaur doll and hasn't let it out of her sight at all. I had my back cracked yesterday arvo too. By our gorgeous town chiropractor( and i mean he is smokin hot) and he and his wife know i am secretly in love him, but he finally stopped my headaches thank god, as they were getting very bad. I still haven't managed to finish any more sewing and i need a good kick in the backside to get myself organised so if anyone is willing to lend me a swift kick i would really appreciate it. lol. well until later ciao peoples.

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