Apr 6, 2009

Thank God For Monday !

Thank god today is Monday as i am absolutely buggered. (Aussie slang for tired). We spent the whole weekend moving our friends and my parents into their respective new homes. And even though i am home and cleaning like a mad woman because tomorrow is ff#3s Birthday, at least it is my house I'm not in someone Else's. So this afternoon will be a busy baking arvo for cakes to take to school tomorrow. No sewing has been done again, no more pinned quilts and it is only 2 weeks before we go away and then 1 week until the markets i don't know if time will permit me to stop it for a while but i need a couple of extra days in the week to get through at the moment. At least the king of the ffs has mowed the lawn and cleaned out the back a bit so that is one job i don't have to stress about. Wednesday will be a busy day as i will be making my famous rocky road for Easter and all the teachers will be getting some this year instead of and egg, and if i am lucky we might have some left over. well ciao for now as the next load of washing is calling to be hung on the line to dry.

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