Apr 8, 2009

Anyone for Chocolate !!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday was ff#3s birthday and as usual instead of only making a cake i decided to have a cooking binge. The pic on the left is Donna Hays Cheesecake Brownies which are to die for and very decadent and oh so easy peasy to make and even easier to eat, and on the right is my rocky road recipe that i change to suit what i have in the cupboard at the time, the king of the ferals fairies would eat all of this in one sitting if i let him. Obviously Easter is on the not to distant horizon and i like to make choccy gifts for the teachers as we think they are special, so they are all getting rocky road for their pressies done in nicely wrapped cellophane bags. Tomorrow is the start of school holidays for us and i am looking forward to not having to rush in the mornings for school it will be a little bit of heaven. Tonight we are taking the ffs to pizza for the ff#3s birthday treat she was 4, my baby is all growed up and way to independent as far as i am concerned. Nan and pop are coming too which they are excited about as we don't go out for tea very much it is a bit of a novelty, but at the old post office cafe they do a really great pizza, but not as good as mine obviously. I may not get a chance to post again before Easter so Buona Pasque to all and ciao for now.

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  1. My daughter made Donna's cheesecake brownies last week too - they are a favourite in our family!!