Apr 28, 2009

Production Overload

Today has been a surprisingly good production day for me. I managed to get another market quilt pinned albeit a bit wonky but i will be able to fix it i hope, and i spotted a great tote bag pattern from Mamas Pocketbook and had to try it out and when i finally read the pattern correctly and finished making it (in twice the time it should have) i must say it looks pretty dang cute and i'm very pleased with myself. I will post a pic tomorrow as its getting dark now and the light is not very good, i also went to work and made a jam slice when i got home too, don't know whats wrong with me, i never get this much done in one day. Although i should have known the day couldn't end perfectly, as my stove top will not work at the moment and i have run out of gas and i am halfway through dinner, and the king of the feral fairies will not be home till after 8pm, so we could be having toast for tea. Not that the fairies would care. Well that is all for now so ciao.

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