May 10, 2009


Happy mums day to all you mums out there, i hope you have had a good day and got some nice pressies. I got a new ipod and stuff to go with it from the feral fairies and while i sit here and type this i am listening to my eclectic music mix and enjoying it. we started the day off with church as ff#2 had to do a reading and it was her class mass too and it was very nice, all the mums got a card and a little bag with a choccy and a flower in it, it was very nice and then we had morning tea out side in the sun. We then went to visit my mum and gave her pressie which i knew she would like because it's what she asked for. And the surprise was the king of the feral fairies rang me from Exmouth on his fishing trip to wish me a happy mothers day too (even though I'm not his mum) but sometimes i feel like it. lol. I had a disappointing day at the markets yesterday and i didn't even break even i made a loss because i didn't sell enough to even make the cost of my table back. So i was a bit depressed when i got home after lunch. Hopefully next week will be better, or else I'm not going to sew for them anymore. But if anyone has an idea that will make me millions just send it my way and i won't have to worry about sewing more stuff. Well i hope you all got spoilt because i am positive you deserve it so enjoy joy day and ciao for now.

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