Sep 13, 2009

And the winner is !!!!

Well seeing as there is only 1 comment posted on my blog for the week the winner has to be Melanie. Congrats and i will email you soon to get your glasses out to you. This week has been very social as i had my birthday on wednesday and then a friends birthday on thursday and the last of our turf club races yesterday with the running f the carnarvon cup. It was a HUGE day, but very enjoyable and now our weekends are going to be a wee bit boring as everything in town is finished for the season. But that could be a good thing. Today i have been busy making more pencil rolls and i am now off to finish them and then i can start afresh tomorrow on some new things i have been eeking out. So ciao for now and sweet dreams.

1 comment:

  1. Well hello there Nat. Thanks for the fabulous ongoing support of my online store, and congratulations to Melanie who will so be receiving two of my glasses to enjoy. Happy 50th blog and a big happy birthday for last week. Hope the new car is going well!! Beth x