Feb 23, 2010


Well Hello All
I have been a wee bit absent in the last couple of weeks due to bad mojo and it's not getting any better. But that is another story you don't want to hear. Today after work i came home to an empty house and watched Julie & Julia and it was FABULOUS DARLING. What a fantastic movie and Meryl Streep was great. Wouldn't it be lovely to try and do something like that but i unfortuneately don't have good mojo for that at anytime so i am in awe of Julie Powell for sticking to it and finishing it.If you don't know what i am talking about then get the movie. Life is very hectic at the moment and i am in need of a desperate health and mental overhaul and a holiday would be welcomed enormously, sunny beaches,cocktails and men that look like greek gods would be good, but on the other hand i am partial to cold weather, hot chocolate and snuggling up to greek gods,this also sounds good. So if you have a spare greek god send him my way please.
We are finally getting some hot weather at the moment and the aircon is cranking again, thank god for aircons or this little black duck would be very a cranky black duck. Roll on winter i say. Anyhoos this is a quick post so ciao for now and blog you soon.

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