Jun 10, 2009

pencil rolls

Here is a picture of all the pencil rolls i have been making in the last couple of days 8 in total. some for girls and some for boys, i have really enjoyed making these as they were a no brainer and very easy to do. These would make great pressies for kids and that's why i started to make them as 2 are for pressies and i got a bit carried away and just kept making them. Today i have 2 sick feral fairies at home one with a bad cough as she keeps telling me and the other started vomiting last night, so we are having a really fun time here. It is the season for all the dreaded lurgys to hit and if its going around my kids are going to get it guaranteed.
They are now watching a movie in another room so they don't infect me. But i have managed to make some muffins and vacuum and clean up my sewing room so i am very happy that i have accomplished a few things this morning. After lunch i am planning to start some more sewing don't know what yet, perhaps the kaleidoscope quilt that i am supposed to be making or i may just start something else. Anyhoo have good day and ciao for now.

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