Jun 18, 2009

Is no news good news?

I am afraid i have no news to tell today. I have been living a very boring existence this week. I have been to blog land looking for inspiration and it has not been forthcoming. I have managed to finish off 14 windmill blocks but that is the extent of my sewing. I have worked and been a somewhat domestic goddess but still have nothing to report, ahhh 1 powerball and I'm outer here. yeah if only. I did visit the pioneer woman site and i think i am in love with that woman Ree Drummond and her life, she makes life just that much sweeter and nicer every time i read her blog. She has a knack of making life on a ranch sound so romantic and i am still waiting for the next instalment of black heels to tractor wheels. I have been visiting the quilting gallery quite a lot too i love to read the blogs that are on there, i know i spend way to much time surfing the blog world and not enough time sewing but that is how i have been lately. so anyway ciao for now and keep safe and well.

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