Jun 22, 2009

Hot Stuff

Don't you just love this red and black chilli fabric, i saw it and had to have it without any projects in mind for it and now i wish i had have bought some more of it. These are the serviette/napkin holders that i made yesterday, they are very easy to do and I'm glad that is a job off my list done. These things make great presents and now that we are edging closer and closer to Christmas my thoughts are spreading to gift making as i tend to leave making gifts until it's to late and end up spending a fortune on bought gifts instead. So i will be ready this year. I am hoping to make some more kids handbags today if time permits and then i will be right for stock for my market stall for a while. Then watch out world the quilts will be churned out like no tomorrow. Yeah righto, i got a bit carried away with myself there for a moment. Well that's all for now folks so ciao and we'll catch up real soon.

1 comment:

  1. The chili fabric is perfect for napkin holders! I can't believe you are already thinking about Christmas - wish I was that organised.