Apr 20, 2010

Yes i am still here.

It as been a long time since i was last on here in blogland. But i must confess apart from mending i have not sat at my sewing machine since before christmas. Life has been too frenetic and frantic and just down right impossible. We are on our last day of school holidays here and i am hoping to get motivated in the near future. I have not dislocated myself completely from the crafty world of the web as i have still been searching sites and reading my fav blogs in search of inspiration, and i wish so badly that i had half the talent of the women and men out there whom find a crafty niche for themselves and not only excel but also have the ability to make money and teach the rest of us. I am turning green with envy as i sit and write this blog. I am hoping that since i have had my hair cut and lost a small amount of weight that the new me will be bursting with enthusiasm and dramatic flair and with the kids back at school i will be turning out those craft projects like there is no tomorrow. I have so many ideas and thoughts, but no know how on how to start, so i will just have to jump in and get on with it. The only thing is do you think my husband the King of all things Feral will notice that i have been fereting through his shed and played with some of HIS toys? who knows maybe i will be better at using HIS toys more than mine, wouldn't that be something then. Anyhoo i must go but i will be back and hastalavista baby. Until next time Ciao.

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