Jul 3, 2009

Who's a lucky girl then!!!!

10 million years ago in a galaxy far, far away a wedding took place on the same date as today. Strange how time flies and you find yourself married for 10 years and with three feral fairies and not to mention the two feral furry things that live outside, and that thing everyone strives for a mortgage. Yes 10 years ago today the king and i got married, i still can't get my head around it. The flowers are from the king and they were delivered about 20 Min's ago, and i was not expecting them at all as he is not exactly romantic and the past few years i haven't received flowers so these were a nice welcome surprise. But my god they are gorgeous and made up of red roses, red banksia and white orchids. Plus we are going out for dinner without the feral fairies, my lordy what a night could be had tonight. Tomorrow is another day to celebrate in the feral household as Nana fairy turns (fanfare please) 55 years old. Happy Independence Day to all you Americans too for tomorrow. The kids have started school holidays today and why is it when you get to have a sleep in you don't sleep?????. Murphy's Law has a lot to answer for as far as i am concerned. But we have loaded the pantry with crap foods and bought a couple of new movies and they are happy and content until tomorrow at least when i am sure the I'm bored will start happening and i will wish them back at school. Anyhoo's enjoy your weekend and be safe ciao for now.

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  1. Hearty congratulations on the tenth anniversary thing. You have reminded me to be slightly disconcerted that my own is looming!