Jul 29, 2009

That dang quilt

Well i have finally gotten off my big backside and started to do some more of my kaleidoscope quilt, this is a total of 5 rows sewn and joined together, i hate it, this quilt is really doing my head in and thankfully you can't see it up close because it is a bit of a shambles. At least you can see some of the colour wash blocks in it now. It is very slow going but if i keep doing a bit each day it will hope fully be a quilt top by the end of next week, i will be sending this one away to be quilted as i think that a professional may be able to make it look better than me and the fact i HATE quilting anyway, give me the patchwork and I'm good anything else and i start to run a high fever and have cold sweats. I am still thinking of doing a giveaway but still haven't come up with any ideas and for the simple fact that i know i have a couple of people whom have visited my blog on occasions i have no idea if i am talking to myself,( but that is not unusual for me it's when i answer myself i start to worry.) and therefore don't want to look like a complete dork and do a giveaway if i am the only one reading what i say.
My mum has also been doing patchwork for the same amount of time that i have and tomorrow i will post a picture of a quilt she is finishing, it is absolutely gorgeous and it is red, black and white and the effect is stunning, she will be taking it to "Bitch & Stitch" tonight and i will try to remember to take the camera. I on the other hand will be starting to do a couple of Xmas things for the teachers at school, so this year i WILL be organised. And that dang quilt is to fiddly to pack up every time i need to move it as it is it has been on my dining room floor for the last few days and the kids have been told i will brake their legs if they stand on it. Well i suppose that is enough ramblings from me, so until the morrow Ciao

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  1. Your quilt is looking great - I love that kaleidiscope pattern. I like you, enjoy the patchwork part more than the quilting part too. How lovely that you and your Mum share the same interest.