Jul 23, 2009


It has been a while since i posted last and that is because LIFE has managed to get in the way of everything again, how dare it! It seems that there is no time in the world for me at the moment and everything is more and more time consuming and i find myself more and more exhausted and frenetic. But at least the upside of it is it means that i am still alive and breathing and living. I have been majorly busy with market stuff and school holidays and work and even doing some dare i say it work around the house, and even a little DIY stuff. I am so good with a hammer at the moment if you need hammering call me!. lol. I have not managed to get much if any sewing done for myself but hopefully in the coming week i will be able to splurge and spend some time in my dungeon, oops i mean sewing room. This weekend we have the festival in town and it is always good as we get fireworks and it is a highlight for the kids as we only get them once a year. I am also starting to mourn and grieve, as the Tour de France is in its final week and i love watching it on the tele, it has pretty much consumed my nights since it began, and after the last ashes test,well we won't even go there. I even found a new site recently that i have fallen in love with and thats Centsational Girl, i wish she would come to Carnarvon for a holiday and make over my house, she is very stylish and not to mention clever. Well i suppose that is enough whinging for now i have to got and start on dinner so ciao for now and until we meet again laugh lots.

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