Oct 11, 2009

Not Hppy Jan!!!!!

I am not happy at all, my camera has decided to die and for the life of me i cannot get it to work and my mobile has been having a hissy fit too. So when i go away i am buying a new you beaut camera and the phone can wait. No sewing has been done but today i managed to paint our new front and kitchen doors, and i tell you that for a while i was seeing purple ponies and flying mushrooms, by George that paint was strong in the fumes department. But they are finally done (well the first coat anyway), after much nagging to the king that a broken front door might invite undesireables into the house, he and a mate hung them yesterday. The ferals have played so well the last few days that if they were to extend the school holidays i think i wouldn't mind at all, they have fought all day (touch wood) and they are actually being nice to each other (thats a first).
I do however have some news to announce to the world, i am for sale, well not me personally my products are through my friend Beth of TEECATOBEE giftware (if anyone would care to give me a point by point summary of how to link to peoples names and their websites through blogging that would be great as i  have no idea how to do it myself) whom is selling my Liddel Stitches handmade products through her website. So people can buy my stuff over the net now, how COOL & EXCITING is that.
And on another note i think i may have to take up a new hobby renovating and decorating, after reading so many fabulous blogs about DIY i think i may have to take the plunge and takle some problems at home here that have been annoying me for some time. I am sure that if these woman can do it and i think i have half a brain i should be able to takle these projects with some degree of efficiancy and confidence.
Anyhoos must go so until next time Happy Crafting. Ciao.

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