Oct 1, 2009

baby quilt

I have finally made the baby quilt for my friend whose baby is nearing 21. Only joking , he is now about 4 months old and if i get my way he should be getting this in the mail hopefully before christmas. Although in saying that i do not have enough wadding or any backing fabric to finish it at the moment and i will have to wait until november until i can go shopping to get everything i need. And today i pinned another quilt and have only to quilt, bind and label it and then another christmas pressie is done.(maybe)
The Ferals will be returning home tomorrow after a week away and i will be looking forward to it but i have also enjoyed the peace and quiet of the last week even though i have been at work a lot more and not so much at home sewing as i had hoped to be.But in saying not much has been accomplished i have managed to squeeze in a little pressie making for my friend Beth who is my market partner and very good to me, so if you are going to ead this Beth, you have to wait until saturday to find out what it is. Another thing has been accomplished by me in the last couple of weeks too, i am finally begining to conquer my fear of the unknown internet and i now have a facebook page, very daunting but worthwhile as i now speak to my family more than i have done in the past 12 months or more. As the king and i only have one more night to ourselves before the ferals come home we are off to dinner tonight (how romantic) so i must be off to beautify myself, so until the next time ciao.

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