May 25, 2010

Done and Dusted

Well i have finally been productive and finished a project. I made this table runner to go on my dining table and i must say i am pleasantly chuffed at the way this turned out. It fits my table just the way i wanted it to and who says binding on the bias is tricky. Not me ( well not any more anyway ) My candle holder fits perfectly and even the King is liking it, must mean i am improving. I have not been idle though, today i have started pinning my girlfriends babies quilt and hopefully tomorrow i will start quilting it. That is number 1 in the UFO pile, then i have only 2 more quilts to go and then i can start my youngest Ferals quilt. The one that i made for her that is in the UFO pile 4 years ago is not to my liking anymore and as she is no longer a baby, I thought i might make her another one that is more suited to her age. The weather has turned here and the chill has set in. So on Sunday i made a lovely pot of pea and ham soup and the Ferals and I have indulged. FF #3 just loooves soup and would eat it everyday if i would let her. Tonight however we are having taco's only because the King will not be home until late from work and the easy peasyness of them is just to irresistable for me as i will probably still be pinnning the quilt tonight. So until next time happy crafting. Ciao.

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  1. Love the table runner Natalie! Hope you make some good progress on the quilting front over the weekend.