Jun 9, 2010

Another one bites the dust.

I have finally finished mygirlfriends baby boys quilt that i started almost 12 months ago, this is called Ollie's Quilt, i am almost half way through my UFO pile and have started sewing down the binding on my Kelidoscope quilt so hopefully that will be done and dusted by next week too, or hopefully with everything going according to plan the weekend. The past few days here in the palace have been very hectic, with 3 days of speedway, cleaning, and general dogs body business not much sewing has been done. The next few days are no exception to the rule either, but hopefully next week the pace of life will slow down and i will be able to smell the roses. We had some wonderful rain here on the weekend and the garden is looking green and the whole place looks refreshed, although my roof did leak and i was not happy but i suppose it is hard to know when you have holes in your roof when it doesn't rain much. well i think it is time for coffee now so i'll say ciao and happy sewing.

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