May 2, 2010

Wood, Glorious, Wood.

I have discovered the joys of wood and woking with it. I even have my own tool box (it's a converted beauty case) which suits me down to the ground. Two days ago i finished making some candle holders with tea light candles in them and i must say i am pretty chuffed at the outcome. So without much further ado here they are.

I must say they were very easy to do and my husband the King was a very patient man (not normally) while he was teaching me to use his power tools, and it was pretty liberating to conquer my fear of those tools that i intitially thought of as being in the mans domain. These are just made of pine with a Jarrah stain on them and i still have the stain on my hands to prove to anyone who doubts that i did them. But in the grand scheme of things i can see that this new hobby could be a good one as i have a new motivation to get creative. Believe it or not i have even managed to make a table runner top to compliment the candle holder and that is sitting on my table just waiting to be sandwiched, pinned and quilted so hopefully in the next few days that will be finished too. who knew that a chance blog reading would get me started on a new tangent and hopefully one that my make my home more cosy, comfy and completely me. Anyhoo ciao for now but check back soon for the pics of the table runner. 

1 comment:

  1. Your candle holder turned out really well Natalie - I love the wood you have used - gives it a rustic feel. Can't wait to see the matching table runner.