May 12, 2010

The Ferals

Well i hope every yummy mummy out there had a great Mother's Day, I did and i did get spoilt, lots of smellys are always appreciated here in the feral castle, only cause the feral's like to use them too. We had the feral grandparents over for lunch, yummy wood fired pizzas in our oven and a lazy day in the sun. The feral's school also had a wee do on the friday before and we had to submit a photo of ourselves for the whole school to see. This is the one we chose,
Then the school put on a small morning tea for all us mums. It was really nice and our school is great in including parents and families in doing small gestures like this. Not much more sewing has been going on as i am still trying to finish the table runner that i have on the go, unfortuneately i have no idea how to do it so i will have to wait until tonight when i go to Bitch'N'stitch to see if the tutor can help me. So hopefully by friday i will have something to show. So until then Ciao.

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