Apr 8, 2012

Hoppy Easter

Hoppy Easter everyone!
I wish you all a great Easter and i hope the Bunny visits you with lots of goodies.

Last night was a special night at our church, a friend of mine Jo was received into the church after receiving her First Eucharist and Confirmation. I was especially proud of her because she asked me to be her sponsor and it was a privilege and an honour to help her through her spiritual journey, I feel very blessed to have a friend like her.
It is not easy as an adult to change faith and i am probably very blase' about it because i have been born into my faith, even though since i have had my children my faith has strengthened, but Jo had an even harder journey to go through, so please say a prayer for her and hip hooray her, as she has done so well.

Well it is only another 2 sleeps and we start our holiday, today the van has had an airing and i started packing in the food as we will try not to buy so much while we are on the road, except fruits and veggies and fresh bread. I have tried to get most of the housework done too as a friend of mine is house sitting for us while we are away, our 2 little fuzz buckets don't like to be alone and i think they would fret without anyone at home, so we are well on our way to being ready. I have to work tomorrow so i will need to be on the ball in the morning and get all the other jobs out the way so we can leave early on Tuesday.

I will be taking the camera with us so i will endeavouring to do a travel journal while we are away, just so i can bore you even more, don't you just cringe when people say "do you want to see our holiday snaps" lol.

Anywho until then, Ciao.

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