Jun 1, 2012

Absentee Blogger

I have been extremely remiss of that in that i have not had any blog posts. I apologise. There is no excuse i have just been neglectful.

Our family holiday was a wonderful 2 weeks of wine, food and excursions. Staying in the bush and seeing all manner of wildlife and beautiful scenery was extremely hard to endure but we managed. I was going to take you all with me but i didn't realise that in many of the areas we stayed it was nigh on impossible to get Internet coverage.

Since we have been home our feet have not stopped running, what with speedway weekends consuming most of our time, the girls and Girl Guide fundraisers, working at the ferals school as a helper and working my part time job it hasn't really left much time for anything else. But at least i have not had time to get into trouble.(much).

I managed to finish the Dora the Explorer quilt panel and i must say it didn't take too long just 5 years. It was supposed to be made for my youngest feral and now that she is 7 she is not so into Dora anymore. So this could be a for sale quilt. I will attempt to take a photo of it before it goes in the sale box for the markets.
I have managed to cut out some pieces for another quilt so when i have finished another PIP that i found in a box the other day i will start making some new stuff.

The eldest feral is making her Confirmation this year and i dobbed myself in to the class teacher to help her make a Confirmation Quilt, so now i will be adding fabric art teacher to my repertoire and teaching students how to applique and embroider. Sometimes i just don't know how to say NO. But it will be another feather in my bow no doubt and either way good or bad i will be spending time with my daughter and learning a new skill myself, and that would be PATIENCE.

It may be another couple of weeks until my next post as feral #2 is making her First Holy Communion next weekend and i will be busy helping out at the church and in class, so until then.

Blessings to you all and live like there is no tomorrow.xx Ciao

The Ferals at the Alpaca Farm in Denmark W.A.

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