Jun 14, 2012

D D D D D Dora, Ole'

Well I finally managed to take a picture of my Dora the Explorer quilt. So without any fanfare here she is.
She was made from a pre bought fabric panel and quilted, all she needs now is a good home.
Today i have been frantically cleaning my house for a course i am holding here over the weekend i am extremely excited and extremely buggered from the cleaning, so the weekend should be a good one. The king is taking the ferals camping out bush for the weekend so i will be able to spend some time alone and pamper myself too.
And as part of the cleaning process i have discovered some projects that have been put on the back burner that i am quite eager to take up again, so now that life is slowly turning into a normal pace i hope to have some crafting mojo back and start getting stuck into my sewing.
Thanks for bearing with me in the slow lane, but hopefully now i will be on cruise control and cruising along. Ciao for now.

1 comment:

  1. Love it! Was the border fabric part of the panel? Looks great :)