Jun 22, 2012

1st Holy Communion

A couple of weeks ago, we had a very special day in the castle. Feral #2 made her 1st Holy Communion.
She put in a lot of hard work for this day and i can attest to it as i had to help her in her home program.
All the children looked gorgeous and were so beautifully behaved in church i think all the parents can say we were very proud of them. My girl was so nervous she almost fainted before the mass ended and had to leave a little bit early, the colour of her face almost matched her dress.
and this was the beautiful cake made by a wonderful lady in our little town, she does a most wonderful job and the fact that it tasted magnificent was a bonus too, i was lucky to bring some home with me.
Now onto Feral #3 as she has her Confirmation in September, oh the things we do. Ciao.

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